Monday, December 28, 2009

30 Rock 4.08 Recap

30 Rock, Season 4, episode 8: "Secret Santa"

Jack breaks out his Boston accent... and his high school crush. Liz's hair scares me... and so does her "singing." Pete continues his long journey that will ultimately end in insanity. The writers make up a religion.

'Twas a fine 30 Rock, indeed. Role the recap!

Realer than Liz Lemon gifting someone "Cheese of the Month":
- Nipple slip+ jigsaw puzzle= acceptable gift. Only in Jenna's world... plus 2.
- Requiring execs to get Youface pages to humble-ize them during this economic frenzy. Sounds like something PR would try. Plus 1.
- Apparently all of Liz's high school boyfriends are now gay... this was going to be fake-- because really, how many boyfriends could LL have in high school?-- but if her gay ex's are also the ex's who attended clown college... plus 4.
- "Bath salts in a coffee mug" is LL's go-to gift. Probably because that's what she would want herself. Plus 3.
- The way Jack says to Cerie, "Would you get us some pens?" Brilliant. Plus 5.
- Off-topic, but I'm in love with Cerie's sweater-dress from Topshop. Plus 4.
- I googled Larry Wilcox, and... well, plus 3 and look for yourself:
- LL is disgusted when she types in You-face instead of Youface and gets some weird site... and yet she keeps looking for a good 5 seconds. Plus 3, because everyone keeps looking at gross stuff out of curiosity.
- Frank's hat says "PG-25." Plus 5.
- Plus 2 for this exchange I missed during my first two viewings:
Kenneth: A picture of President Obama for the Muslims.
Tracy: I'm going to let that one slide.
- "Oh Meatball of Verduke, you bring me such peace/pizza/meatball." Sounds legit. Plus 2.
- "New guy is as good at singing as Tracy Jordan is at everything." Plus 2 for the quote and plus 1 for Tracy also calling Danny "New Guy" (see the 3rd "faker").
- "I'm sorry, are you being sarcastic? Canadians have a hard time recognizing it because we don't have a big Jewish population." Plus 4.
- I love Danny singing. I love Danny in general. More of him, please! Plus 6.
- Plus 5 for the best explanation of why Catholics don't eat meat on Fridays ever.
- Status: Weirdsies. Plus 2.
- "Can't I just enjoy this while it lasts?" "Hey. That's what I said when that hotdog vendor passed out, but you made me get help." Plus 4 for that exchange that made me LOL and plus 2 for the subtle suggestion that Jack and Liz hang out together.
- Danny "got" sarcasm pretty quickly! Plus 1.
- Only in 30 Rock world would calling in a bomb threat to Penn station be a great Christmas present. Plus 4.
Total: 65

Faker than Danny's bad singing:
- Pete's midlife crisis involves skinny jeans. Minus 3 just for the image that puts in my head.
- Wait... Cerie is writing stuff down for Liz... what is Cerie's job, anyway? Minus 2 for never explaining it.
- "New Guy," as Pete calls him, hasn't been on TGS the past two weeks. You'd think the writers would welcome this new blood, which would allow them to do a sketch or two not devoted to Jenna playing a blonde bimbo or Tracy playing a crazy black man-- or Oprah. Minus 6.
- The whole Kenneth-is-Godzilla thing when he steps on the mini Christmas scene. Minus 4 because it was too cliché (although I did enjoy the random Asian guy).
- Am I the only one who thinks Secret Santa is kind of fun? Yes? Ok, never mind.
- When presented with Jack's high school play poster, LL ponders, "I thought you had stage fright." So did we. Hmm.... minus 4 for never explaining that.
- Not only does Tracy realize that Verdukianism isn't a real holiday on his own, but he also comes up with an idea to try and reveal its fakeness? Wait, since when did Tracy become smart? Minus 10.
- I wanted to see Tracy play Josh Groban. Minus 1.
- I really don't like Nancy. Or her accent. Minus 14.
- "Gentle flossing performed by a blonde virgin." Ew. I know it's supposed to be funny, but why would anyone want someone other than a dentist with gloves to floss their teeth? Minus 4.
- Trying to decide if Jenna's Christmas story was real or not... either way, minus 2 because it was getting a bit too pathetic/sad and not funny enough.
- I hope Nancy's sons are late into their teens; she keeps leaving them alone in NYC! Minus 2.
Total: 52

Overall, a solidly real-- and hilarious-- episode. The next new episode airs January 14th-- can't wait!

A New Feature!

I've decided to add a new feature on my blog! Seeing as now it's kind of... well... featureless. It's based on the amazing Daily Intel's Gossip Girl recaps (see here for the latest). Because those recaps were seriously the only reason I stayed with Gossip Girl for so long... so I thought I'd bring some love to my fellow TV fans! But what show will I be featuring?

30 ROCK!

It took me a while to decide on a show, but I chose 30 Rock for many reasons:
1. I won't mind watching each episode a few times
2. The characters are very specific and unique, making the reality index easy to score
3. It's only 30 minutes and has tons of one-liners, hence my attention span (and writing span) will stay intact.

Are you game? I can't wait! My first recap will be of the last episode that aired before this darn holiday break! It'll probably be up soon because I'm so darn excited!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Cards

Merry Christmas to all!

On the topic of Christmas, we've received many wonderful holiday cards this year from family and family friends and a ton of people I've never even met. Holiday cards are fun and motivate us to clean our cluttered fridge door.

So, naturally, my parents wanted to do a holiday card like we do every year. But holiday cards are particularly awkward for only children like me. It's just you, year after year. And frankly, no one cares about getting holiday cards of only children after they turn 15 or so. We have cards of siblings older than 15, but that's OK because there's three of them. We got cards of three-year-old onlies but that's OK because they're adorable. A sixteen-year-old only is not worth an inch of precious space on the fridge.

So this year my ultimatum was... I can't be the only one on the card. Add the cats or even my parents-- because, after all, they're the ones who want to do this--, but I'm not doing it alone this year.

So it's Christmas morning and we have yet to take a good picture to send out. So I thought the subject would be kaput, right? WRONG. My parents still want to send a holiday card! After the holidays!?

All I know is that I'm going to resist with all my might. But, being outnumbered, it's going to be a tough battle. Wish me luck and I'll keep you updated.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ugly Betty= Glee?

I've recently noticed the similarities between Glee and Ugly Betty:
- both are perky, bright, quirky, upbeat
- both are hour-long soap opera/telenovela/dramedy mixes

Now the characters:
Kurt= Mark/Justin: Somewhat stereotypical gay guys (OK, Justin said he isn't gay... but c'mon). Love fashion, singing, and dancing.

Mercedes= Christina: This one's a bit of a stretch. Both offer advice. That's about it.

Terri= Charlie: Manipulative, clingy, "pregnant" beeyotches, succumbing to sinister standards in order to keep their man (Will/Henry) from leaving

Will= Daniel: The man in charge. Sometimes clueless, sometimes misguided, but generally has a heart of gold.

Rachel= Betty: The heroine. Plucky and confident. Don't care what other people think of them. Both are very career-driven.

Puck= Santos/Bobby: The "bad boy." All of them got a girl pregnant.

Finn= Henry/Matt: The "good guy." All stay with their accidentally-pregnant girlfriends (even though Matt's was a false alarm). Are in love with the heroine.

Sue= Wilhelmina: Scheming, generally evil, powerful women trying to bring down man in charge (Will/Daniel)

Cheerleaders= Mode girls: Mean, catty, popular, skinny.

Any other ideas?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Loving H&M

I am LOVING this Fashion Studio game, courtesy of H&M. It's great advertising too, because it really makes me want to buy these clothes! If only H&M had an online store for the USA... hinthint.

Seriously, this is one of the best realistic virtual dress ups I've ever seen. Everything fits seamlessly, and they even added some subtle-yet-important touches, like when you put a belt over a loose top, the top automatically constricts under the belt. It's amazing! They even have a "Tuck jeans into boots" feature! Brilliant!

Here are some of my creations to give you a little taste of how awesome it is (click to enlarge):

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New High

(I know, I get one like every week!)

Arrested Development.

I've heard plenty of people singing the praises of this show, and never really gave it a chance due to, well, being totally absorbed/satisfied with other comedies. But now that my Office attachment is weakening (it's just not that funny anymore), I've decided to take on a new lover.

And he is HOT. Really hot. And sweet. And I'm head-over-heels with him. I can't get enough. I'm going through two or three episodes a day.

I'm in love!

Plus Jason Bateman really is hot.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love at first sight...

I've fallen in love!
... with a bank.
.... and it's pink.
But how could you NOT love this guy? And wouldn't he look awesome in a (read: my) dorm room?

Get him here.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


In my sleepy delirium this morning, I saw out of the corner of my eye a Victoria's Secret bag, which has the company's website,, on it.

I read it quickly, and saw "Victoria's Secretions."

I'm surprised I haven't seen a joke about this ever before.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Amazing Discovery

I rarely watch commercials when I'm consciously watching TV. But when I put Friends on in the background just for noise, I'm too lazy to fast forward over the commercials. Thank goodness for that, because it led to my newest discovery.
You know that "TLC: Tender Loving Caltrate" commercial? Kinda cheesy, nothing memorable. Here it is to refresh your memory:
See who that is? The lady playing the daughter at the end? It's Ellie Kemper, Erin from The Office!

Cool, huh? No? Ok then.... never mind.

Friday, November 27, 2009

You know you're Farmville-crazy when...

... You have a dream about Farmville. A realistic one.

Oh crap.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prepare to cry...

... from laughing so hard. I did.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

TV Connection: Blonde Bombshells

I'm finding so many TV connections these days, I should just start my own TV show that's just cliché after cliché after cliché. It will revolve around a suave, sarcastic 30-year old male and his friends, Sassy Black Woman, Lovable Geek, Stupid Womanizer, and Normal Girl, who he constantly flirts with.

Anyways, back to my most recent tv connection. This one is between The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Glee, and The Office. A blonde super-religious woman who doesn't believe in premarital sex (Grace/Quinn/Angela) has sex and suffers through the consequences (father's death/pregnancy/dumped by fiance and lover)

BONUS: Two of these people (Quinn/Angela) cheated on their good-hearted but naive boyfriends (Finn/Andy) with their true loves (Puck/Dwight).

EXTRA BONUS: Two of these people (Grace/Quinn) were cheerleaders. And wore their uniforms to school like everyday. Seriously, do they have five of the same cheerleading dress, do they do their laundry every night, or are those dresses reeaallly dirty?

Ah well. Any other examples from other shows? I think this one is a pretty good one!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congrats and a Pet Peeve

Just wanted to wish a big ol' congratulations to John and Sherry of Young House Love, my favorite home decor blog, on their soon-to-be baby! You guys are going to be awesome parents and the baby is going to be adorable (and a home decor genius!)! Plus the nursery is going to be AH. MAZING.

And, as most things tend to do, this caused my mind to wander. And I realized one of my pet peeves (which Jon and Sherry have not used, btw). The phrase "We're pregnant" is just weird to me. I know it's meant to include the father in the festivities, but couldn't you just say "We're having a baby" or "We're going to be parents"? I don't mind if the woman says "I'm pregnant" or the man says "She's pregnant." It's just the whole "we" thing that makes me thing of Thomas Beatie and sea horses...

Anyone else feel the same way?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Letter to Teen Vogue

Dear Teen Vogue,
I used to love you. Note the "used to." I just got your most recent issue and am over half way through it and I must say our love affair is officially over. When we started, you represented the quintessence of cool, a delicious taste of what I could and might be someday. But as I collected issues, I realized that I could never be one of those stylish girls gracing your pages. For any "normal" girl you showcase has a quasi-famous or super-rich parent. You may as well rename your magazine "Rich, Quasi-Famous Teen Vogue." You cater to the Manhattan socialites who are invited to events because of their famous artist father or who start a fashion line just because they have the money, even if they lack the talent.

What's more, you're pretentious. I'm sorry to be so rude, but "to plainness honor's bound when Majesty falls to folly" (yes, I just quoted King Lear. I can be pretentious too, so SUCK IT). You showcase up-and-comers, letting your "discoveries" parade around your magazine like trophies to be harvested when they land their first big gig. News flash: no one cares about two-movies-to-her-name Lily Collins. Why do you do this? I doubt it's because you can't get big names for your magazine... so is it because you actually think we care? Or do you just want the satisfaction of smirking and yelling "I told you so" when Lily lands her first big role?

Another thing: why are your photo-shoots so similar and crappy? Your photo-shoots used to be so whimsical and different, while keeping a strong footing in reality. Now it's all neon and chunky necklaces on top of a gorgeous dress that 90% of teenagers can't afford. And even when you advertise something as "budget-friendly," it's still $70 for a shirt. Seriously? Go outside and ask the first ten teens you see how much they're able to spend on a shirt. Try not to pass out when they say "$40 or lower."

I'm just saying, please, get off your high horse and come back down to the world of reality. Otherwise, future preteens wont look to you for their sartorial fantasies as I did long ago.

Random Nobody

Monday, November 9, 2009

Anthropologie Inspiration for November 2009

I've been pretty busy doing homework (read: watching TV) the past couple of days, and on top of that I've had major blogger's blog. But I'm back! *insert raucous applause*
So I got my first Anthropologie catalogue last week. IT. IS. GORGEOUS.
I especially love the backdrop of the old mansion filled with (fake) snow. Just inspired. Here's some proof:

So whimsical, so innovative, so pretty! Of course I would expect nothing less from my beloved anthro. Seriously, how could you not become enchanted by this:
I dare you. And there was more whimsical fun to be had throughout this catalogue. Class, turn to page 35 for a superb example of irony at the peak of its beauty:

Book with paper pages. Paper from trees cut into tree shapes. All to compliment the Enchanted Woods iPhone dock. A mix of old and new. I love it.

I have no reason as to why I love this. It's just too freaking cute.

I WANT THIS DRESS. I will travel to where ever she seems to be walking (Ireland?) and steal it from her. Seriously. It's gorgeous.

So, dear readers, there you have it. Any catalogues that inspire you, fashion-wise or decor-wise? Do tell!

Photos from Anthropologie's November 2009 catalogue, online here.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Smoke Up, Johnny

Today, I understood two allusions to The Breakfast Club on Family Guy because they had previously been alluded to on Psych and Community.
It just goes to show that TV can teach you so much... about movies.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mind. Blown.

Ok, so if you've watched the last episode of The Office then you know that
Michael is dating Pam's mom. So I'm watching "Chair Model," an episode from last season, and everyone has to write down someone to set Michael up with, because Michael is... well, desperate and pathetic. Anyway, Jim is writing someone down, and the convo goes like this:
Pam: Who are you putting down?
Jim: Oh, you don't know her.
Pam: Who is it?
Jim: You're mom.
Pam: [laughs] Yea, whatever.

Of course Jim is joking, but STILL! Major, most likely unplanned foreshadowing!
And if it was planned, the writers of The Office have proven themselves even more amazing than I previously thought.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Animal Miracles

So it's a Lazy Sunday and my Tivo is virtually empty. So I see what the always-misguided Tivo suggestions has left me, and it's so random. Some show called Animal Miracles, when I haven't even turned to Animal Planet in years. But it's the best of what I have, so I put it on as background noise.
It has stories of these miraculous animals doing miraculous things. Heartwarming and all, but the show itself, not having video of these occurrences, feels the need to make the victims reenact them. And they are not professional actors or anything (read: they suck). So it comes out pretty over-the-top and stupid.
Anyways, today's show had a dog who located a car crash victim, a cat who was reunited with its owners after 8 years, a dog who saved a baby, and a dog who befriended some prisoners.
The last story is the one that made me pause (or should I say "paws"? HA). It's very sweet and all; the dog gets out one day and, being bored, goes over to the prison to find some playmates. They play with her, so she goes back every day to play with them. The owner calls this the dog's "double life." I say "WTF, she isn't f***ing Hannah Montana" And then the dog's owner talks about Susie the dog's amazing ability to not judge based on those orange jumpsuits:
"I believe that she just sees past that idea of them being criminals and knows that they are very loving toward her and she holds no prejudice."
SHE'S A F***ING DOG. She has no idea that these nice guys who play with her are prisoners or criminals or whatever. Not because she "sees past" it, but because she's a freaking dog. She sees a human with a tennis ball and a nice voice and labels them as "friend." It's not like she's a crusader for criminal acceptance!
That felt good to get out of my system. Now I've got to go. I'm meeting with BB and S to discuss their plans for a rally against universal health care.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Decorations: a
Candy: a
Lights on: a
Trick-or-treaters: Never enough, but a
Cats scared/excited by doorbell ringing: a

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pier 1 is 1 short of a full deck...

What is happening to grammar and spelling these days?
(Notice the card/1 pun in the title.)
So I'm getting ready for a small fiesta we're throwing tomorrow, and I stroll on into Pier 1, looking for table runners and such. Little did I know I'd find something much better...

Can you believe it? "No peaking." Let's look up "peak," shall we?
1.the pointed top of a mountain or ridge.
2.a mountain with a pointed summit.
3.the pointed top of anything.
the highest or most important point or level: the peak of her political career.
Etc., etc., etc. Clearly someone mistook peak for its homonym brother, "peek." Don't believe me? Let's take a closer look:

DON'T PEAK. You know, "peak" can also mean "to become weak, thin, and sickly." So, I guess it makes sense. Play cards, don't cheat, and don't become thin, weak, and sickly.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kitty Interlude

A blog without pictures is like a... metaphor without a point. And I'm kind of facing blogger's block right now. So, without further ado, adorable pictures of BB and S sleeping!

Look at that widdle pink tongue!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

At least they weren't bleeding

So I finally got around to watching last Monday's Gossip Girl today. It was good. Besides the fact that two of the main non-main characters are ugly and terrible actors (I'm talking to you, Scott and Carter), it wasn't too shabby. Lily and Rufus got married, finally. Nate and what's-her-name broke up, finally. Because no one can ever have a long-lasting relationship on this show with a non-major cast member (see: Serena and Cyrus' son what's-his-face, Vanessa and Scott, Blair and that duke guy, etc.). But I did notice something that made me chuckle at the irony of it all:

Those aren't earrings. Her ears are simply crying from the terrible dialogue on this show. Like this: "There are songs that want to make us dance, songs that want to make us sing along, but the best songs are the ones that bring you back to the first time you heard them and, once again, break your heart." Wait, what? Who are you talking about? So we heard a song once and it broke our heart, and now it's playing again. But apparently, it's the "best." I love re-living getting my heart broken, don't you?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't Hate Me!

I'm so embarrassed. Don't blame me, readers. It's not like I asked for this to happen. It just... happened. I have no control over it. I'm trying to fix it but it's just not working...

I have Complicated, by Avril Lavigne, stuck in my head.

I even sang it in the shower.

I'm so ashamed.

Please forgive me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eye Candy

I'm watching 27 Dresses right now, and I thought my blog could use a little decoration.
Enjoy the hotness that is James Marsden!

(Bonus Question: Which was he cuter in, 27 Dresses or Enchanted? I'm undecided)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Attention Home Decor/Freebie lovers!

The ultimate prize! A FREE quart of Glidden paint!
Granted, you have to send in a competitor's paint label (so you have to have some paint already lying around). Luckily, we did, from our recent bathroom redo (which I PROMISE will be revealed as soon as possible!)
So in 8 to 10 weeks (GAH!), I will hopefully receive a quart of Rich Navy! I figured I was more likely to paint something a lovely neutral like navy than some funky magenta (though that's definitely next on my paint list!). I'm thinking of painting a small coffee table we had this is COVERED with my old collection of stickers. It'll be one heck of a DIY!

Hop to it, paint lovers!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

T-shirt blunder

I really hope someone else has noticed this. Otherwise I might be the first case of senility at age 17.
So I was browsing through the clothes at Target, checking out the new Anna Sui line (surprisingly expensive and not super cute). And I came upon this pretty ugly shirt from the collection. Then I noticed something:

Do you see it? No? Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Now, is it just me, or is this shirt noticeable grammatically incorrect? It should be "Best Friend For Life Who Has Lunch And Goes Shopping A Lot" OR "Best Friends For Life Who Have Lunch And Go Shopping A Lot." Right?
And, now that I see it, "Have" is the only word whose first letter isn't capitalized! Were they hoping by not capitalizing it we wouldn't noticed their gigundo error? Nice try, crafty designers. Nice try.
And, on top of the uglyness and the incorrectness, this is also kind of a quote from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which makes it (and me for knowing the quote) uncool.

London: We can be BFFWLSAGSAL!
Mr. Moseby and Esteban: What?
London: "Best Friends Forever Who Love Spending and Go Shopping A Lot."

So there you have it, readers. A huge typo for sale at your nearest Target. Unless I'm totally insane and this is grammatically correct, in which case I'll crawl into a corner and slip on my Dunce hat.

Do you guys see it?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I'm flipping through Tivo, and I have like 12 Office episodes that recorded last night. YAY.
No, wait.
It's not Office. It's all baseball!
It says "The Office"-- it even says the episode name and description.
But alas.
No Jim.
No Pam.
Not a single Dwight.
Just sports.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Accomplishment of the day

Correctly naming two actors from a movie for a bonus question on a science quiz.
From a movie I haven't even seen.
Yea, I'm that good.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hell on Heels

Dear Self,
Remember this story I'm about to tell you. This isn't the first time I've warned you about wearing heels. And yet you don't listen.
So last night night you had a fancy event to go to. You picked out a cute dress, and decided you wanted to wear those new heels you got. You know, those poorly made $18 heels you found at the clearance rack at DSW? The black ones with the laces and cut out in the middle (that looked kinda sorta like this) with a heel higher than you have ever worn before? You said they were so comfy sitting down. You were right. Plus they were cheap. So you ignored their flaws and impracticality and bought them. And you kind of loved them. So you decided to wear them last night.
Big mistake. You hobbled from the car to the party like a drunk Barbie doll, taking small, calculated steps and holding onto everything in sight for support. You arrive at the party, ready to sit down and nibble on whatever vegetarian options they had.
It's a mingling event.
As in, no chairs.
Hooooly crap.
So you walk carefully, knowing that at some point during the night you will do one or more of the following:
a) Trip and fall
b) Trip, grab something/one for support, and have them topple down with you
c) Trip and break your ankle
d) Trip, fall, hit your head and kill yourself.
All for a pair of really cute shoes... So you gather all the courage you have (after all, despite the problems these shoes cause, they make you look tall and pretty awesome), and suck it up. You mingle, you chat, you eat faux-fancy food, and all the while your feet hurt more and more.
So you take to the habit of teetering on the balls of your feet and rotating your feet around in place, trying to a less-tender spot to rest on.
Then something happens. One of your legs kind of bends a little, and you think you know why. Your heel broke. You investigate. It didn't break. But it did bend so that it will probably be permanently bent, at least when you put pressure on it. You're shocked. Upset. You feel betrayed by your fun, spontaneous purchase.
Luckily the party is winding down. You walk even more slowly out of the venue, grabbing at columns and walls for support. You find a table and sit on it uncouthly, tugging at your heels ferociously. They come off. You moan in delight and pain. You look at your feet. They have red imprinted markings on them where the laces were. You leave and walk outside barefoot.
Never has the grass felt so nice on your bare feet.
So, Self, I hope you've listened intently. Just remember this next time you take those heels out for a spin, or find another cheap thrill at DSW. Neither will last...

PS: You need to learn to walk in heels so you don't look like Bambi taking her first steps. Seriously.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Oh my gosh. I found my dad's doppleganger. And he's famous (the doppleganger, not my dad).
It's John Belushi, the late, great SNL legend!

(Especially in this picture)
Not the most glamorous doppleganger, but he looks so much like my dad I'm surprised I haven't noticed before.

Who's YOUR doppleganger?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh boy

It's a lazy saturday at the RN household. I went upstairs to change from pajamas to "lounge wear." Which includes PJ pants. Oops.
So I change and then realize something: my pants, cardigan, and Tshirt are all navy blue. This is weird, albeit understandable because I love navy blue. Still, it's kind of odd. Then I realize something.
I'm wearing my only pair of BLUE underwear.
I don't know what all of this means, but it can't be good. I'm grabbing the cats and getting into my bomb shelter.
Not quite, but still. Freaky.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Glee vs. Ugly Betty

Within the past few days, I've noticed a plethora (fancy word count: 1) of striking similarities between two of my favorite shows,
Ugly Betty and Glee. Shall we?
1. Both had (or will have) Kristen Chenoweth as a guest star (Betty's dentist/former gleek)
2. Both have (or had) Jamya Mays (Charlie/Emma) as a cast member
3. Both have awesome love-to-hate enemies (Wilhelmina/Sue)
4. Both have delightful gay guys (Mark/Kurt)
5. Both have wonderful fashion inspiration (Most Mode-ers/Rachel and Emma)

And here's the big one:
6. Both have had love triangles in which there's a guy (Henry/Mr. Schue/Finn) who is somehow romantically attached (via marriage, dating, etc) to "meh" girl (Charlie/Terri/Quinn) who he doesn't really love. But he does love the good girl (Betty/Emma/Rachel). But alas! "Meh" girl goes ahead and gets herself knocked up, forcing the guy to ditch the good girl in order to be a good father to his unborn child.

BONUS: In two of these instances, the baby may be the guy's... OR it could be the lover's (Dr. Farkas/Puck). Who knows? (Except we know, and in the former case it's the guys, and in the latter it's the lover's)

PS: I'm not bashing Glee for copying Ugly Betty, or vice versa. Every TV show has it's similarities with other TV shows. There's only so many plot lines you can run without going into crazy and/or inappropriate and/or boring territory.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy New Year

To all my Jewish readers, L'Shanah Tovah!
I don't know about you guys, but the best thing about Rosh Hashanah (and many jewish holdays) is the food. Mmmmm honey cake!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Internet,

This is the cutest thing on you:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nice Try

I went into the mall thinking: 
"Ok, I'm going to go to Pottery Barn, J. Crew, Old Navy, and Macy's. That's it. And I need pants, shirts, and cardigans. That's it. NO dresses. I have enough dresses. Oh, and I need shoes too. But nothing more."

I came out of the mall 2.5 hours later.
I went to Pottery Barn, J. Crew, Old Navy, Macy's, Hollister, American Eagle, Aerie, Gap, and Lord & Taylor's.
I got two dresses and a scarf.

Mission NOT accomplished.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ode to J. Crew

Ah my dear J. Crew... 
I have a love affair with you.
Your clothes are chic and cute and nice
But your prices-- they make me think twice.
Your gorgeous dresses make me drool 
And I imagine wearing them to school.
But oh, 't'will never be, I know
Because $100 is a lot of dough.
And yet I still look, despite my sorrow
In hopes that it will go on sale tomorrow.
But even your sale section makes me sad
As good is gone, and bad is too bad.

I admit with delight that I have some of your clothes
But the desire for more lingers like the flow'ry stench of a rose.
(I added that apostrophe just for fanciness and fun
Because more apostrophes never hurt anyone!)
So to the outlet again I must leave
To buy more cardigans with rips in their sleeves.
Upon the sartorial leftovers I must feast
Snatching up clothes with the speed of a beast.
And now I must end, for I'm out of pics
Which I interspersed for prettiness and kicks.
So J. Crew, for you I have one plea:
Give us the goods without the large fee!

(Pictures aren't really mine:
They're from the J. Crew catalogue, online!)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heaven on earth...

... is this:I just took that a moment ago. Milk chocolate-covered oreo. Pure bliss. Try it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You know you're crazy...

When you spend:
15 minutes narrowing your header font down to eight choices
30 minutes picking your new font out of the eight
30 minutes customizing said font to fit your needs
0 minutes on college stuff (or anything else you should be doing)

Crazy? Maybe.
Procrastinating? Yes.

PS: Do you like it?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh no!

+PJ pants
+ cold toes
+ laziness
+ dreading school
must =

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kinda in love and I don't know why...

Isn't it awesome? It's a First Aid cabinet thing! To hold all your.... Band-Aids... medicine... medical gauze? Ok, so there's not much need for it. But it's so sleek and pretty and I want it! Plus it has a lock, so no more guests snooping around your medicine cabinet! Although it is kind of transparent/lucent... well, you can hide the embarrassing stuff in the translucent parts. Problem solved.
I want it for my future house (there's no place for it in our new bathroom-- pics coming soon).
I'll have to try very hard to convince myself against this one.
Get it here (preferably for me!)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love free stuff

I got this free tank top in the mail today from JC Penny! Free shipping, free tank top, no purchase necessary. 
Granted, I ordered it on August 1st.
And it's long enough to be a dress.
And it's kind of ugly.
And I don't know if I'd ever wear it out of the house.
But it's FREE!

(image via Shopping Frugal)

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to earn money by procrastinating

Step 1: Scatter your money. Put $5, $20, any bills in miscellaneous purses, boxes, etc. The more random and misplaced, the better.

Step 2: Wait a few years.

Step 3: Clean your room and find $55 and a never-redeemed $30 iTunes card. 

Step 4: Rejoice.

(Tried and true method (by me). Just don't put the money in things you may throw away)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Help me, Internet!

Ok my loyal readers. My last poll didn't go so well. This one will be better. I need help deciding on a shelf layout for my newly-painted bathroom. We used paper the same size as the shelves to synthesize (thanks, John & Sherry (and Martha), for the tip!). 
NOTE: Here's the very rudimentary bathroom layout. The shelves are going over the toilet nook:
So now I give you five options. Study them carefully (NOTE: we've already made sure none are low enough to bump people on the head while on the toilet. Each shelf is about 10 inches out from the wall, 11 inches wide, and 2 inches tall)

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:

So there you have it. Which is your favorite? Please vote in the poll on the right-hand side of this page (below the visitor counter), then tell friends, family, strangers, etc. to vote also! My bathroom's prettiness is at stake!

PS: Isn't the new paint color gorgeous? "Before" pictures will be shown once it's all done!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rachel Pally-- YUM!

I just rediscovered Rachel Pally. And I love it. Simple, comfy-looking, cute, and EXPENSIVE. Wah. Ah well. A girl can dream.