Saturday, June 13, 2009

Choosing a paint color...

Who would'a thunk that choosing a paint color (for a bathroom, no less) would be such hard work? Well, it is. We are in the process of removing our bathroom's hideous, been-there-for-eternity, purple-with-silverish-stuff-and-sporadic-grapes, peeling wallpaper. And by "in the process," I mean we have to choose a paint color before the guy can come over and dewallpaper us (that's totally a verb). 
But the range of colors, my god! There's light aqua, greyish blue, pure aqua, navy, AHH! And they don't make it easy and call the paint these names. Oh no, they make it hard and choose random names like "Cool Mist" (which is a type of soda, isn't it?) or "Brittany Blue" (which is a real paint name). Ok, how the h*** should I know what kind of blue "Brittany Blue" is? I don't know Brittany, how should I know her favorite color?
And not only are there a multitude of colors, but there's a multitude of paint brands, and each paint brand has so many colors that it's impossible to decide between two similar colors from different brands. One's called "Peaceful sky" and the other's "Serene Sky" and you just give up and melt down. 
I wanted an aqua, and my mom wanted something a little more sophisticated, more grey-ish. I'm fine with that. I kind of like "Saratoga Springs" (I wonder where that is. I should go visit to make sure this color is accurate):
    (From Benjamin Moore Paints)
It's more muted without being totally dark and weird (like our wallpaper). But will it appear too dark in our tiny bathroom? Will we lose our sanity choosing between "Saratoga Springs" and "Pawonee Springs" (yes, I made that up)? Stay tuned!

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