Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Enchanting Powers of a Really Cute On Sale Dress

(Why did I put that in all capitals? It kind of looks like a book title... for an AWESOME book, no doubt)
It keeps taunting me. I try to move past it, admiring the polka-dot bathing suit bottoms and boring T-shirts, but who am I kidding? I scroll back up to it, just to stare. It's so pretty. Well of course it's pretty, it's on a mannequin. Mannequins are built to make dresses look pretty.
But it's ON SALE. Ah, there's the kicker. It's on sale. It's less than half the original price. It's ONLY $25! No, wait! It's even less: $24.99! YES! Wait... NO! Don't do it! Is it even in your size? OMG IT IS.

Shopping Me: It's on sale! It's super cheap! It's cute. ADD TO CART!
Smart Me: But it won't look good on you! It's strapless and you never look good in strapless stuff. Plus you'd have to buy a strapless bra.
Shopping Me: But it has a sash that can be used as straps! And I've been wanting to buy a strapless bra forever.
Smart Me: Ok that second part is true, but the first isn't. The sash can be "worn around the neck," as in a scarf. Or at least I think that's what it means... it's vague. Anyways, it's not even a dress-- it's a "cover-up dress." So it'll be too lightweight and see-through.
Shopping Me: Yes but I've also wanted to get a slip since forever, right? And if I get it in mushroom, it wont be see-through. Beat that!
Smart Me: But you don't really like the mushroom color, do you? 
Shopping Me: It's not... that bad.
Smart Me: See? Now slowly move the cursor to the "delete tab" button. Good. Now why don't we check out some not-on-sale, affordable dresses at--

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  1. That dress is so so so cute!! I would buy it, too :) Your conversation with yourself is hilarious! I'm iheartjuicy from the Teenage Time thread on tPF! Love your blog, and I can't wait to read more ;)


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