Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hi all,
Welcome to Musings of a Random Nobody! This is a blog about me, a random 16-year-old girl from the US of A, and all my who-the-#*(@-cares thoughts! So if you-the-@*#(-care, then thank you and keep reading!
I'm just getting the hang of this blogging thing, so bear with me (I can't even find how to change the color of my text to magenta! Oy vey...).
This is a blog for YOU is you like any of the following:
- adorable cats
- fashion
- home decor
- The Office, 30 Rock, or Ugly Betty
- procrastinating
- random funny rants

And it's also for you if you DON'T like:
- school
- stupid people
- poor grammar/spelling (my pet peeve)
- sports

So join me! I just started summer vacation, so I'm aiming for at least one post a day.
~RN (Random Nobody)

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