Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh my gossip-lovin' god

So I'm tired and I decide to take a five-minute power nap before I shower when I hear some celebrity gossip show on the TV my mom's watching in the other room. They're discussing, what else, but Michael Jackson. Ok, whatever, I hear that every day. So I close my eyes and rest my weary head on the cool, soft leather of my sofa. 
Then I hear this.
"Plus, why his mother was shopping at Target."
Either this is very morbid product placement, or they really have gone off the deep end. Michael Jackson was an icon and all, but NO ONE CARES WHAT HIS MOM BOUGHT AT TARGET!
And thus I ruined my power-nap for the sake of pointing out the ridiculousness of celebrity gossip. Which everyone already knows is ridiculous.
Ugh. Shower time.

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