Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things to do...

So most of my fave blogs (which I'll tell you about later) don't post on Sunday. And that just makes me sad :( <---- that's me being sad. Because sunday is a day to rest, relax, and sit on the couch with the TV on and laptop open for hours on end. So I've decided to break the cycle of "no posts on the weekend" by, well, posting! I was thinking of this in the car, so here 'tis:

Things I should be able to do but can't:
- all math
- tell the difference between the subjunctive and past and perfect, etc. conjugations in spanish
- bike for more than 5 minutes before getting bored and giving up
- draw a picture of an elephant with chalk that my dad can actually identify as an elephant
- remember things my parents tell me
- find a paying job

Things I can do that I shouldn't be able to do:
- drive a car (seriously, who thought that was a good idea?)
- play computer games for hours
- sit Indian-style (or should I say Native American-style? PC and all...) without using my hands to position my legs in place (the only way I am flexible, by the way)
- get away with good dental health even though I never use my retainer or floss and don't brush my teeth very well...

There ya have it. Things. Aren't you glad I posted this instead of no posts at all today?
*crickets chirp*
...guess not.
Share your "should & can't" and "shouldn't & can" lists in the comments!


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