Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ok, it's time for a change. I've had this blog for two-or-so months, and I've had ONE comment on one post. So that got me thinking.... people are visiting my blog (as evidenced by my hopefully-accurate counter), but are they enjoying it? 
So I want to know: what can I do to enhance your enjoyment of my blog? More pictures, less cat stories, more TV theories, less TV theories? It's up to you to decide the fate of my posts!
Sound off in the comments. Because if you don't think blog will stay exactly the same. And that's not good because change is progress and progress is good. Yes we can.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Funny anecdote

So one time when I was younger, about 11 or so, I was at a friends house (sounds interesting so far, eh?). We were looking for snack in the cabinet and a beer bottle broke and spilled on the floor. We freaked out for the next 15 minutes or so, not because of the broken glass littering the floor, but because we were afraid the beer would be soaked up from our feet into our bloodstream and make us drunk. 
Ah, youth.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So I've had no thoughts this weekend. Literally. My head has been empty and hollow and air-filled and barren and stuff. Which isn't good considering I went driving during said time. Ah well. I didn't hit anyone (or anything, though I came close). 
And then a minute ago I thought of something cute to post that y'all might enjoy.
And then I typed the above sentences.
And then I forgot what I wanted to blog about.
And that's where I am now. In the middle of a blog post with no clue how to inject a moral/point of interest into the post.
But I do know that this blog still needs more pictures.

BB and S playing on their cat... what's that thing called? Cat condo? Cat play-scape? Kitty tower?
Ok, just looked it up. PetCo calls it simply cat "furniture." Sophisticated, no?
*Sigh* PetSmart calls it "furniture" also. How bland.
So here's a picture of BB and S playing on their furniture. Enjoy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another TV Similarity

While watching the "Succession" episode of 30 Rock, I realized something two great TV losers, Liz Lemon and Michael Scott, have in common:
They both put sugar in their scotch before drinking it (or Splenda, in Michael's case). Genius or uncouth? You be the judge.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I noticed that when you send an email (I have the standard Mac "Mail" application-- you know, the one with the postage stamp with the eagle on it?) without a subject but with text in the body of the message, it asks you if you're sure you want to send it because it has no subject.
BUT when you send an email with just a subject and no body, it doesn't alert you.
Isn't this odd? You'd think the body test would be more important to remember than the subject. Guess not!

PBteen: Good or Evil?

In the same way that Limited Too used to be my lusted-after-but-too-expensive-to-buy clothing store, PBteen was my lusted-after-but-too-expensive-to-buy home decor store. I'd flip through catalogues, drooling away, pining over this polka-dotted rug and that ethereal lamp. I'd go back and forth between featured rooms, picking my absolute favorite and not-so-subtly hinting to my parents that I wanted it. 

Now I've grown and learned, and with that I slowly progressed away from Limited Too (isn't it called "Justice" now?) and PBteen. And while I stopped receiving Limited Too catalogues a few years ago, once in a blue moon (wait, what? Is there ever a blue moon?) I get a PBteen catalogue.

Today was one such day. And I must admit, I still love some of their stuff. Some, not so much.

Adorable! Especially the white-- they have the perfect amount of intricacy and texture to make them a great accessory to any room.

MY EYES! Oh god the many uncoordinated patterns! And the button! IT BURNS!

They've had this same style of bedding for years. NEWSFLASH: It has NEVER looked good!

I love it! The tree-inspired lamp base, that is. So simple and whimsical. Plus I bet the branches would be perfect for holding jewelry!

My relationship with PBteen is a bit of a roller coaster, as you can see. But if there's one thing I learnt from them, it's that with some pretty paint, cute accesories, and a wide open window emitting  cheery sunlight, you can make any room look inviting.

(Images from http://www.pbteen.com/)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Harry Potter high continues

I'm watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was one of my least favorite books. I don't know why-- it's a great movie.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fruit Juices

Why are some juices so popular while others are not?
For example, watermelon juice. Deliciously watery and subtly sweet, this drink should've hit the jackpot years ago. Yet it's not even mainstream. And think about it, it's not like it's super hard to juice a watermelon.
Strawberry juice. I suppose it'd be harder to juice strawberries because of their seeds, but if they can squeeze not-very-juicy apples, then strawberries should be a cinch.

I feel like these would make delicious juices. I should open a juice factory. You just wait and see...

(No, I'm not high. Why do you ask?)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Letting the bed bugs bite

And by "bed bugs" I mean this little bugger:
S was cuddling in my bed just a few minutes ago. She and BB love burrowing under the covers.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Just saw Harry Potter. Kind of mind-blowing. Not in the "amazing" sense, but in the "I can no longer think of anything except Harry Potter" sense. 


Things I missed/didn't enjoy:
- More Luna!
- The fight at the end, when Bill becomes a werewolf and Fleur rushes to his side, prompting Tonks to confront Remus about their "relationship." None of that happened in the movie :( (and yet at some point during the movie Tonks calls Remus "sweetheart.")
- Dumbledore's funeral when Tonks and Remus were holding hands and Ron and Hermione were essentially a couple. Missed that too.
- Dumbledore at the cave. It was too easy. He didn't fight Harry enough when being force-fed the potion.
- Any and all slow motion in the movie (and there was a fair amount)
- The last scene. Why the heck was Ron sitting alone behind them? Get up and join the sentimental moment, idiot!

Things I loved:
- Drunk-on-felix Harry. Beyond hilarious. 
- Fred and George's new shop
- Lavender
- Hermione
- RON!
- So much more.

(Though by these lists it appeared that I disliked the movie, I actually really enjoyed it!)

In the credits, it credits (as actors) "Male Inferi" and "Female Inferi." My first though was "Oh that's funny, there was only one person for each gender and they duplicated them." Then I thought...
"Wait, WHAT!? The inferi were incredibly-emaciated dead corpses!" Now THAT's something to put on your resume: "Yea, I played a skeleton-esque dead pond-lurker who almost killed Harry Potter... fun role, really. Dan Radcliffe's a hoot."
Seriously, how could those be based on a person? They looked more like they were based on Gollum. The poor person whose face was used to craft such hideous creatures!

I'm off to read others' reviews and maybe watch some of the other movies tonight. God I'm obsessed.

PS: The next movie's going to be killer.
PPS: The movie after that is going to literally kill me.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I can't stand it!

Ees (I just felt like using that instead of "is." Such a rebel I am) is bad that I'm starting to randomly quote lines from the musical we're putting on this summer?
What's that? I haven't told you about my summer job? Ok then, here goes:
I'm an unpaid "counselor"/"intern" at a musical theater camp for kids in grades 4th-8th. We're putting on the musical You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (SUCH a cute show, btw).
So I'll be thinking about something, and all of the sudden I'm singing Beethoven Day in my head. Or my mind will involuntarily drift to today's run-through and how those darn kids need to learn how to act. Or I'll find myself up until 1 AM watching youtube videos of other YAGM,CB performances. 
It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's just brain-consuming. And my brain doesn't have that much empty space to begin with (though some may beg to differ).
Right now Suppertime is going through my head. Complete with our choreography for it. 
I need psychiatric help.
And not from her. I've had enough of her and the rest of her gang to last me through the weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Ugly Betty Writers' Room...

This is what happened to decide on the Molly/Connor plotline:
Writer1: Ok, so Daniel can't be the "player" guy forever. We need to start softening him up. 
Writer2: Didn't we do that with his fiance, Sofia?
Writer3: Yea, but then he went back into his wild boy ways, so that didn't count.
Writer2: Didn't that happen again with DJ, his son?
Writer1: Maybe, but once he figured out it wasn't his son, Daniel wasn't really grounded anymore. Plus that was like earlier this season. A new twist is long overdue.
Writer3: Ooh! Idea! How 'bout we get him married?
Writer2: Nah, we can't afford to add another person on this show, especially after we dumped Chris Gorham and Freddy Rodriguez and Rebecca Romijn and David Blue...
Writer1: Ok, we get it, we get it. But that was all to add "heart" to the show, right? AHA! I got it! What better way to add heart to the show than to have Daniel get married to a lady--
Writer3: We've already told you, that won't work becau--
Writer1: --who has cancer and is dying?
Writers2&3: Ohhhhhh.
Writer2: Perfect! Write it up.
Writer3: Wait. But that's not complicated enough. Have her already be engaged...
Writer1: ... to a man who Wilhemina has the hots for! And have him work at Mode!
Writer3: Perfect! Ooh! And then have him steal all of Mode's money.
Writers2&1: BINGO!
*the writers all high-five each other*

(Taken from a post that I wrote for TPF. Though you'd enjoy it. And if any real Ugly Betty writers are reading this, don't be offended. Oh and give me a job. Kthanks.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boggle Wonderings

My parents and I got into a heated debate over-- what else-- Boggle. Actually, a few debates. See here:
1. Is "gents" a word? I think it's short for "gentlemen," thus slang, thus not allowed. He says it's commonly used (yea right!), so it works. But that's like accepting "def" for "definitely" and "tote" for "totally"! Ok not quite. But you get the idea.
2. When the 2 minutes is over and some one calls it and you have your pen on the page, about to write a word, can you write that word? We solved this one. We agree that if you've already written one letter of the word when time is called, you can finish it.
3. Does "sari" count? I argued that it was another language, which we don't allow. Parents argued that it was a type of clothing, just like a shirt. Of course I quipped, "As in, 'Just a sec, mom, I have to go put on my sari.'" It didn't work. They outnumbered me. Sari is apparently acceptable, as would be kilt, kimono, etc.

Moral of this story? My family is a bunch of geeks. Myself included.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


WAHOO! 100 visitors! Could you imagine, after me making all this fuss about it, if the visitor counter was wrong? Hopefully not.
So I was thinking how to "reward" you guys for coming to visit my blog... and then it hit me. What do people love to read the most? Jokes? Nah. Gossip? Eh. News? Psch yea right!
Secrets and embarrassing stories? YES!

So I introduce to you, my loyal viewers, as thank you for your support, a list of 10 (multiple of 100 and all) of my secrets. Secrets I've never told my family, friends, or anyone else. And now I'm airing these dirty things on the internet. For you. Please don't think any less of me.

1. I've had to pee for the past 20 or so minutes... but I'm too lazy to go.
2. I had a secret crush on Henry from Ugly Betty (played by Chris Gorham).
3. I'm very competitive, especially in Boggle games with my parents.
4. I used to have a crush on Ash from Pokemon. No joke.
5. On certain days, I like BB more than S, and vice versa. It depends on the day and situation. But in the end I love them both the same!
6. I like the smell of my feet.
7. I don't particularly like jeans.
8. I won a Snapple contest and never redeemed the coupon for 2 free Snapples.
9. I have a terrible fear of finding a bug in my bed.
10. I follow expiration dates nearly religiously.

There you have it. I'm a freak.... Ok maybe this wasn't a good idea. I've probably lost dozens of viewers (not that I had many to begin with!). So now that I've released these long-stuck secrets, I feel free. Free and alive. And refreshed. And happy. And ashamed. And embarrassed. And kind of hungry. And I still have to pee...

Anyways, thank you for visiting MUSINGS OF A RANDOM NOBODY! Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So close... yet kind of not.

So I'm at 83 visitors right now, according to my long-awaited visitor counter. I'm thinking when I reach 100, I should do a special post or something. Because 100 is a fancy, important number. Seriously, is there a number awesomer than 100? 100 is an A+, a "PERFECT," a 100%, a pretty nice accomplishment if you live to it (in years), and a pretty nice thing if you get it (in $s). 
What I'm trying to say is that 100 visitors means I've made it to the big leagues. I'm just one step closer to being Perez Hilton! Except younger... and a girl... and not mean... or gay... but a famous blogger. Yea.
So invite friends and family, strangers and coworkers, loved ones and mortal enemies to read my blog! Because once I reach 100 visitors, I'm going to reward you guys the only way I know how...

Stick around to see...

(OMG, the suspense is like totally killing me!) 

PS: It's 11:08 PM on Saturday, but I'm labeling this under sunday. Rebellious, I know.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Me 20 minutes ago

Guilty Me: Why'd you take that piece of bread?
Munchy Me: Uhh... why not?
GMe: Because dinner is in an hour and a half, and you really didn't need it.
MMe: Yea, but I have a piece of bread all the time before dinner. Plus, I was hungry.
GMe: No, you were MUNCHY. There's a difference. Besides, is there not more healthy food in the fridge?
MMe: It is healthy! I opted for salt on it instead of butter.
GMe: *Sigh* Wait-- salt on bread!?
MMe: It's good, try it.
GMe: Whatever, that doesn't make it healthy.
MMe: C'mon, I only took half a roll. Plus, the bread is so porous. Lots of holes equals less bread equals less guilt.
GMe: That's one way to think of it... but you're overloading on bready stuff! Frosted Flakes for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, bread for a snack and leftover pizza for dinner!
MMe: Yea, but if you had to overload on one thing, wouldn't it be bread?
GMe: True... but you don't HAVE to overload on it!
MMe: But it's sooo good! Try it...
GMe: Ok, fine, one bite.... *bite*..... WOW. Yea... that's worth some guilt.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Pictures

I need more pictures on my blog, don't I? So without further ado, BB and S, being adorable as always.
This is her signature pose. With her arms all folded and her belly exposed. So sexy.
BB being silly, hanging from a cabinet in the kitchen.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have two laptops going now-- my dad's laptop on my lap and mine on the arm rest of my couch. I'm playing Sims 2 on my dad's laptop (long story, can't play on mine) and I'm going on TPF (the purse forum) on mine. And the TV's on. 

The question is, am I insane? Or am I just a really good multi-tasker? (Then again, if I was such a good multi-tasker, I'd find time to do all the other stuff I have to do today. If only my laptop was shower-proof....)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


You know what's kind of morbidly funny? This blog's acronym/nickname is "MOARN." Which sounds like "mourn," which is, in itself, morbid. But I'm grateful (why is it "grateful" and not "greatful"? I would think greatful because it's great that said thing happened...) that it's easy to pronounce. "Welcome to MOARN" sounds much better than "Welcome to SPMGR"  (Which stands for...Super Perfect Musings-- Guaranteed Randomess... yes, I did just make that up). 

And update part deux for this post (the Coach) part is that I'm suuper duuper lazy so no pictures now. Maybe later, if I do a "All my fancy shmancy designer stuff (yea right)" post. 

So now that mourning over Michael Jackson is slowly decreasing each day, MOARNing has begun!
So good MOARNing*!  (I'm going to have waaay to much fun with this!)

*Ok you caught me, it's definitely evening now, not MOARNing (or morning). 

Waiting Update!

So as y'all* can see, I got the visitor counter. 9 visitors since yesterday afternoon, holla! My mom just asked me if I wanted her to send my blog to some of her friends... I said no for 2 reasons.
1. I don't think they'd like my blog
2. I feel like it'd be kind of weird for people I know to be reading my blog... I haven't even told my parents the site name haha.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe once I get more of a "following," I'll be more comfortable sending my site to others. But for now, I'll let it amass viewers without help.

*I'm not from the west or south or anywhere whose residents can say "y'all" without sounding stupid. But, really, it's a fantastic word. We should have a word for plural 2nd person, other than "you all," because that just sounds dorky. Y'all think of a word for it in a comment, and I'll use it!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm currently awaiting two things: an email to be sent to me so I can join a site to track how many visitors I get here, and my camera battery to charge so I can take a picture of my new Coach purse. 
The first of the two can't get here soon enough. I'm eager to find out how many people are actually reading this poor excuse for a blog! In trying to find the best visitor counter site, I decided to go to some of my other favorite blogs and see what they're using. But it seems that more established sites are more confident in their visitor-attracting ability, and thus find no need to track such trivial things as single site hits (they're probably busy with interviews and a placement and giveaways... *sob*). Or maybe they're not displaying it to boost the little blog people's esteem. Thank you for that!
And yes, I got a new Coach purse. Not from the Poppy line, sadly. I went to the most wonderful place in the world (not Disney), the outlets, and got a cute Coach purse. Plus 2 pairs of jeans and some hair accessories. Not all from Coach.  But it was a good trip.
I'll update you on both situations ASAP!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! Let's remember today to celebrate what this day is really about-- getting drunk and burning yourself with sparklers. Juuuust kidding. It's about BBQ and fireworks, of course! 
Seriously, what are we *supposed* to do on the 4th? Discuss the Constitution? We have so many useless holidays nowadays I can't barely remember what this one is for (the signing of the Declaration of Independence, right?). 
So happy burgers, hot dogs, red, white, blue, fireworks and Independence day!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Love it

Having the same sense of humor as my dad is priceless. What other adult could direct me to my new addiction, myparentsjoinedfacebook.com, and join my love for thisiswhyyourefat.com? Only daddy...


I'm looking through Marc by Marc Jacobs stuff online, and only one thought is floating in my otherwise cobweb-filled brain:




I'll write more when I've regained my senses.
(Pictures thanks to theoutnet.com and shopbop.com)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shameless Plug

Vote for me. If I win anything, you guys will each get... more posts. That's right, I'm holding my posts hostage in exchange for votes. They're slowly dying. So vote or you'll kill innocent blog posts and will be arrested for blog-slaughter. Yep.
PS: If that fancy-shmancy widget thing doesn't work, go here.