Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boggle Wonderings

My parents and I got into a heated debate over-- what else-- Boggle. Actually, a few debates. See here:
1. Is "gents" a word? I think it's short for "gentlemen," thus slang, thus not allowed. He says it's commonly used (yea right!), so it works. But that's like accepting "def" for "definitely" and "tote" for "totally"! Ok not quite. But you get the idea.
2. When the 2 minutes is over and some one calls it and you have your pen on the page, about to write a word, can you write that word? We solved this one. We agree that if you've already written one letter of the word when time is called, you can finish it.
3. Does "sari" count? I argued that it was another language, which we don't allow. Parents argued that it was a type of clothing, just like a shirt. Of course I quipped, "As in, 'Just a sec, mom, I have to go put on my sari.'" It didn't work. They outnumbered me. Sari is apparently acceptable, as would be kilt, kimono, etc.

Moral of this story? My family is a bunch of geeks. Myself included.

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