Sunday, July 26, 2009


So I've had no thoughts this weekend. Literally. My head has been empty and hollow and air-filled and barren and stuff. Which isn't good considering I went driving during said time. Ah well. I didn't hit anyone (or anything, though I came close). 
And then a minute ago I thought of something cute to post that y'all might enjoy.
And then I typed the above sentences.
And then I forgot what I wanted to blog about.
And that's where I am now. In the middle of a blog post with no clue how to inject a moral/point of interest into the post.
But I do know that this blog still needs more pictures.

BB and S playing on their cat... what's that thing called? Cat condo? Cat play-scape? Kitty tower?
Ok, just looked it up. PetCo calls it simply cat "furniture." Sophisticated, no?
*Sigh* PetSmart calls it "furniture" also. How bland.
So here's a picture of BB and S playing on their furniture. Enjoy.

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