Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Just saw Harry Potter. Kind of mind-blowing. Not in the "amazing" sense, but in the "I can no longer think of anything except Harry Potter" sense. 


Things I missed/didn't enjoy:
- More Luna!
- The fight at the end, when Bill becomes a werewolf and Fleur rushes to his side, prompting Tonks to confront Remus about their "relationship." None of that happened in the movie :( (and yet at some point during the movie Tonks calls Remus "sweetheart.")
- Dumbledore's funeral when Tonks and Remus were holding hands and Ron and Hermione were essentially a couple. Missed that too.
- Dumbledore at the cave. It was too easy. He didn't fight Harry enough when being force-fed the potion.
- Any and all slow motion in the movie (and there was a fair amount)
- The last scene. Why the heck was Ron sitting alone behind them? Get up and join the sentimental moment, idiot!

Things I loved:
- Drunk-on-felix Harry. Beyond hilarious. 
- Fred and George's new shop
- Lavender
- Hermione
- RON!
- So much more.

(Though by these lists it appeared that I disliked the movie, I actually really enjoyed it!)

In the credits, it credits (as actors) "Male Inferi" and "Female Inferi." My first though was "Oh that's funny, there was only one person for each gender and they duplicated them." Then I thought...
"Wait, WHAT!? The inferi were incredibly-emaciated dead corpses!" Now THAT's something to put on your resume: "Yea, I played a skeleton-esque dead pond-lurker who almost killed Harry Potter... fun role, really. Dan Radcliffe's a hoot."
Seriously, how could those be based on a person? They looked more like they were based on Gollum. The poor person whose face was used to craft such hideous creatures!

I'm off to read others' reviews and maybe watch some of the other movies tonight. God I'm obsessed.

PS: The next movie's going to be killer.
PPS: The movie after that is going to literally kill me.

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