Friday, July 17, 2009

I can't stand it!

Ees (I just felt like using that instead of "is." Such a rebel I am) is bad that I'm starting to randomly quote lines from the musical we're putting on this summer?
What's that? I haven't told you about my summer job? Ok then, here goes:
I'm an unpaid "counselor"/"intern" at a musical theater camp for kids in grades 4th-8th. We're putting on the musical You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (SUCH a cute show, btw).
So I'll be thinking about something, and all of the sudden I'm singing Beethoven Day in my head. Or my mind will involuntarily drift to today's run-through and how those darn kids need to learn how to act. Or I'll find myself up until 1 AM watching youtube videos of other YAGM,CB performances. 
It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's just brain-consuming. And my brain doesn't have that much empty space to begin with (though some may beg to differ).
Right now Suppertime is going through my head. Complete with our choreography for it. 
I need psychiatric help.
And not from her. I've had enough of her and the rest of her gang to last me through the weekend.

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