Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Ugly Betty Writers' Room...

This is what happened to decide on the Molly/Connor plotline:
Writer1: Ok, so Daniel can't be the "player" guy forever. We need to start softening him up. 
Writer2: Didn't we do that with his fiance, Sofia?
Writer3: Yea, but then he went back into his wild boy ways, so that didn't count.
Writer2: Didn't that happen again with DJ, his son?
Writer1: Maybe, but once he figured out it wasn't his son, Daniel wasn't really grounded anymore. Plus that was like earlier this season. A new twist is long overdue.
Writer3: Ooh! Idea! How 'bout we get him married?
Writer2: Nah, we can't afford to add another person on this show, especially after we dumped Chris Gorham and Freddy Rodriguez and Rebecca Romijn and David Blue...
Writer1: Ok, we get it, we get it. But that was all to add "heart" to the show, right? AHA! I got it! What better way to add heart to the show than to have Daniel get married to a lady--
Writer3: We've already told you, that won't work becau--
Writer1: --who has cancer and is dying?
Writers2&3: Ohhhhhh.
Writer2: Perfect! Write it up.
Writer3: Wait. But that's not complicated enough. Have her already be engaged...
Writer1: ... to a man who Wilhemina has the hots for! And have him work at Mode!
Writer3: Perfect! Ooh! And then have him steal all of Mode's money.
Writers2&1: BINGO!
*the writers all high-five each other*

(Taken from a post that I wrote for TPF. Though you'd enjoy it. And if any real Ugly Betty writers are reading this, don't be offended. Oh and give me a job. Kthanks.)

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