Friday, July 10, 2009

Me 20 minutes ago

Guilty Me: Why'd you take that piece of bread?
Munchy Me: Uhh... why not?
GMe: Because dinner is in an hour and a half, and you really didn't need it.
MMe: Yea, but I have a piece of bread all the time before dinner. Plus, I was hungry.
GMe: No, you were MUNCHY. There's a difference. Besides, is there not more healthy food in the fridge?
MMe: It is healthy! I opted for salt on it instead of butter.
GMe: *Sigh* Wait-- salt on bread!?
MMe: It's good, try it.
GMe: Whatever, that doesn't make it healthy.
MMe: C'mon, I only took half a roll. Plus, the bread is so porous. Lots of holes equals less bread equals less guilt.
GMe: That's one way to think of it... but you're overloading on bready stuff! Frosted Flakes for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, bread for a snack and leftover pizza for dinner!
MMe: Yea, but if you had to overload on one thing, wouldn't it be bread?
GMe: True... but you don't HAVE to overload on it!
MMe: But it's sooo good! Try it...
GMe: Ok, fine, one bite.... *bite*..... WOW. Yea... that's worth some guilt.

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