Tuesday, July 7, 2009


You know what's kind of morbidly funny? This blog's acronym/nickname is "MOARN." Which sounds like "mourn," which is, in itself, morbid. But I'm grateful (why is it "grateful" and not "greatful"? I would think greatful because it's great that said thing happened...) that it's easy to pronounce. "Welcome to MOARN" sounds much better than "Welcome to SPMGR"  (Which stands for...Super Perfect Musings-- Guaranteed Randomess... yes, I did just make that up). 

And update part deux for this post (the Coach) part is that I'm suuper duuper lazy so no pictures now. Maybe later, if I do a "All my fancy shmancy designer stuff (yea right)" post. 

So now that mourning over Michael Jackson is slowly decreasing each day, MOARNing has begun!
So good MOARNing*!  (I'm going to have waaay to much fun with this!)

*Ok you caught me, it's definitely evening now, not MOARNing (or morning). 

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