Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PBteen: Good or Evil?

In the same way that Limited Too used to be my lusted-after-but-too-expensive-to-buy clothing store, PBteen was my lusted-after-but-too-expensive-to-buy home decor store. I'd flip through catalogues, drooling away, pining over this polka-dotted rug and that ethereal lamp. I'd go back and forth between featured rooms, picking my absolute favorite and not-so-subtly hinting to my parents that I wanted it. 

Now I've grown and learned, and with that I slowly progressed away from Limited Too (isn't it called "Justice" now?) and PBteen. And while I stopped receiving Limited Too catalogues a few years ago, once in a blue moon (wait, what? Is there ever a blue moon?) I get a PBteen catalogue.

Today was one such day. And I must admit, I still love some of their stuff. Some, not so much.

Adorable! Especially the white-- they have the perfect amount of intricacy and texture to make them a great accessory to any room.

MY EYES! Oh god the many uncoordinated patterns! And the button! IT BURNS!

They've had this same style of bedding for years. NEWSFLASH: It has NEVER looked good!

I love it! The tree-inspired lamp base, that is. So simple and whimsical. Plus I bet the branches would be perfect for holding jewelry!

My relationship with PBteen is a bit of a roller coaster, as you can see. But if there's one thing I learnt from them, it's that with some pretty paint, cute accesories, and a wide open window emitting  cheery sunlight, you can make any room look inviting.

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