Saturday, July 11, 2009

So close... yet kind of not.

So I'm at 83 visitors right now, according to my long-awaited visitor counter. I'm thinking when I reach 100, I should do a special post or something. Because 100 is a fancy, important number. Seriously, is there a number awesomer than 100? 100 is an A+, a "PERFECT," a 100%, a pretty nice accomplishment if you live to it (in years), and a pretty nice thing if you get it (in $s). 
What I'm trying to say is that 100 visitors means I've made it to the big leagues. I'm just one step closer to being Perez Hilton! Except younger... and a girl... and not mean... or gay... but a famous blogger. Yea.
So invite friends and family, strangers and coworkers, loved ones and mortal enemies to read my blog! Because once I reach 100 visitors, I'm going to reward you guys the only way I know how...

Stick around to see...

(OMG, the suspense is like totally killing me!) 

PS: It's 11:08 PM on Saturday, but I'm labeling this under sunday. Rebellious, I know.

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