Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Waiting Update!

So as y'all* can see, I got the visitor counter. 9 visitors since yesterday afternoon, holla! My mom just asked me if I wanted her to send my blog to some of her friends... I said no for 2 reasons.
1. I don't think they'd like my blog
2. I feel like it'd be kind of weird for people I know to be reading my blog... I haven't even told my parents the site name haha.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe once I get more of a "following," I'll be more comfortable sending my site to others. But for now, I'll let it amass viewers without help.

*I'm not from the west or south or anywhere whose residents can say "y'all" without sounding stupid. But, really, it's a fantastic word. We should have a word for plural 2nd person, other than "you all," because that just sounds dorky. Y'all think of a word for it in a comment, and I'll use it!

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