Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm currently awaiting two things: an email to be sent to me so I can join a site to track how many visitors I get here, and my camera battery to charge so I can take a picture of my new Coach purse. 
The first of the two can't get here soon enough. I'm eager to find out how many people are actually reading this poor excuse for a blog! In trying to find the best visitor counter site, I decided to go to some of my other favorite blogs and see what they're using. But it seems that more established sites are more confident in their visitor-attracting ability, and thus find no need to track such trivial things as single site hits (they're probably busy with interviews and a placement and giveaways... *sob*). Or maybe they're not displaying it to boost the little blog people's esteem. Thank you for that!
And yes, I got a new Coach purse. Not from the Poppy line, sadly. I went to the most wonderful place in the world (not Disney), the outlets, and got a cute Coach purse. Plus 2 pairs of jeans and some hair accessories. Not all from Coach.  But it was a good trip.
I'll update you on both situations ASAP!

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