Sunday, August 2, 2009


So I'm not taking your lack of comments/poll votes on my blog badly. In fact, it must mean that my blog is so perfect that you have nothing to criticize! Yay! 
Right? Am I right? 
Then tell me!

On a different note, I went to IKEA today.
I love IKEA.
We got tons of stuff for the soon-to-be-painted bathroom (yes, we picked a color! Pictures to follow when the room is totally done), some tables for the sunroom, some pretty fabric, and some pretty wrapping paper (reversible, too! AND on sale for 50 cents a roll! HECK YES!). 
I love IKEA.
I wish there was another IKEA-cheap, IKEA-modern store that isn't IKEA. Y'know, for variety. Anyone know of one?

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