Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My super special gift

Readers, I have a talent. An amazing ability; a profound gift; a calling, if you will.
Want to know what it is?
I can recognize actors from TV shows and movies and remember what other parts they played in other movies/shows. It sounds pretty easy, right? WRONG.
Did you know that the lady who played that lady who was in a wheelchair on the short-lived TV show The Class played a guard for the battle of the bands in School of Rock?
Did you know that Anna Faris, of The House Bunny fame, played Monica and Chandler's adopted twins' mother on Friends?
Did you know that Paulette from Legally Blonde was on that stupid show Thank God You're Here and now plays the hooker-turned-fiance-of-Ben's-dad Betty on The Secret Life of the American Teenager (and was also on Friends as Monica and Phoebe's friend Amanda)?
There's so many more that I've noticed (always backed up by the trusty IMDB!). Cower in the distance. Kiss my feet. Bow down.


So today I was flipping channels and I see a 1993 episode of some old sitcom, The Nanny, and who do I find but-- wait, could it be? YES IT IS!-- my celeb-crush James Marsden! I recognized him right away. He looked so young!

Side note: I could've sworn the guy who plays Lupin in Harry Potter played the drunk actor from the wedding episode of Friends, so I looked it up and guess what? It's not him, it's the actor who played Sirius in Harry Potter! Funny, huh?

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