Thursday, September 24, 2009

Glee vs. Ugly Betty

Within the past few days, I've noticed a plethora (fancy word count: 1) of striking similarities between two of my favorite shows,
Ugly Betty and Glee. Shall we?
1. Both had (or will have) Kristen Chenoweth as a guest star (Betty's dentist/former gleek)
2. Both have (or had) Jamya Mays (Charlie/Emma) as a cast member
3. Both have awesome love-to-hate enemies (Wilhelmina/Sue)
4. Both have delightful gay guys (Mark/Kurt)
5. Both have wonderful fashion inspiration (Most Mode-ers/Rachel and Emma)

And here's the big one:
6. Both have had love triangles in which there's a guy (Henry/Mr. Schue/Finn) who is somehow romantically attached (via marriage, dating, etc) to "meh" girl (Charlie/Terri/Quinn) who he doesn't really love. But he does love the good girl (Betty/Emma/Rachel). But alas! "Meh" girl goes ahead and gets herself knocked up, forcing the guy to ditch the good girl in order to be a good father to his unborn child.

BONUS: In two of these instances, the baby may be the guy's... OR it could be the lover's (Dr. Farkas/Puck). Who knows? (Except we know, and in the former case it's the guys, and in the latter it's the lover's)

PS: I'm not bashing Glee for copying Ugly Betty, or vice versa. Every TV show has it's similarities with other TV shows. There's only so many plot lines you can run without going into crazy and/or inappropriate and/or boring territory.

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