Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ode to J. Crew

Ah my dear J. Crew... 
I have a love affair with you.
Your clothes are chic and cute and nice
But your prices-- they make me think twice.
Your gorgeous dresses make me drool 
And I imagine wearing them to school.
But oh, 't'will never be, I know
Because $100 is a lot of dough.
And yet I still look, despite my sorrow
In hopes that it will go on sale tomorrow.
But even your sale section makes me sad
As good is gone, and bad is too bad.

I admit with delight that I have some of your clothes
But the desire for more lingers like the flow'ry stench of a rose.
(I added that apostrophe just for fanciness and fun
Because more apostrophes never hurt anyone!)
So to the outlet again I must leave
To buy more cardigans with rips in their sleeves.
Upon the sartorial leftovers I must feast
Snatching up clothes with the speed of a beast.
And now I must end, for I'm out of pics
Which I interspersed for prettiness and kicks.
So J. Crew, for you I have one plea:
Give us the goods without the large fee!

(Pictures aren't really mine:
They're from the J. Crew catalogue, online!)


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