Sunday, November 1, 2009

Animal Miracles

So it's a Lazy Sunday and my Tivo is virtually empty. So I see what the always-misguided Tivo suggestions has left me, and it's so random. Some show called Animal Miracles, when I haven't even turned to Animal Planet in years. But it's the best of what I have, so I put it on as background noise.
It has stories of these miraculous animals doing miraculous things. Heartwarming and all, but the show itself, not having video of these occurrences, feels the need to make the victims reenact them. And they are not professional actors or anything (read: they suck). So it comes out pretty over-the-top and stupid.
Anyways, today's show had a dog who located a car crash victim, a cat who was reunited with its owners after 8 years, a dog who saved a baby, and a dog who befriended some prisoners.
The last story is the one that made me pause (or should I say "paws"? HA). It's very sweet and all; the dog gets out one day and, being bored, goes over to the prison to find some playmates. They play with her, so she goes back every day to play with them. The owner calls this the dog's "double life." I say "WTF, she isn't f***ing Hannah Montana" And then the dog's owner talks about Susie the dog's amazing ability to not judge based on those orange jumpsuits:
"I believe that she just sees past that idea of them being criminals and knows that they are very loving toward her and she holds no prejudice."
SHE'S A F***ING DOG. She has no idea that these nice guys who play with her are prisoners or criminals or whatever. Not because she "sees past" it, but because she's a freaking dog. She sees a human with a tennis ball and a nice voice and labels them as "friend." It's not like she's a crusader for criminal acceptance!
That felt good to get out of my system. Now I've got to go. I'm meeting with BB and S to discuss their plans for a rally against universal health care.

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