Monday, November 9, 2009

Anthropologie Inspiration for November 2009

I've been pretty busy doing homework (read: watching TV) the past couple of days, and on top of that I've had major blogger's blog. But I'm back! *insert raucous applause*
So I got my first Anthropologie catalogue last week. IT. IS. GORGEOUS.
I especially love the backdrop of the old mansion filled with (fake) snow. Just inspired. Here's some proof:

So whimsical, so innovative, so pretty! Of course I would expect nothing less from my beloved anthro. Seriously, how could you not become enchanted by this:
I dare you. And there was more whimsical fun to be had throughout this catalogue. Class, turn to page 35 for a superb example of irony at the peak of its beauty:

Book with paper pages. Paper from trees cut into tree shapes. All to compliment the Enchanted Woods iPhone dock. A mix of old and new. I love it.

I have no reason as to why I love this. It's just too freaking cute.

I WANT THIS DRESS. I will travel to where ever she seems to be walking (Ireland?) and steal it from her. Seriously. It's gorgeous.

So, dear readers, there you have it. Any catalogues that inspire you, fashion-wise or decor-wise? Do tell!

Photos from Anthropologie's November 2009 catalogue, online here.

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