Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mind. Blown.

Ok, so if you've watched the last episode of The Office then you know that
Michael is dating Pam's mom. So I'm watching "Chair Model," an episode from last season, and everyone has to write down someone to set Michael up with, because Michael is... well, desperate and pathetic. Anyway, Jim is writing someone down, and the convo goes like this:
Pam: Who are you putting down?
Jim: Oh, you don't know her.
Pam: Who is it?
Jim: You're mom.
Pam: [laughs] Yea, whatever.

Of course Jim is joking, but STILL! Major, most likely unplanned foreshadowing!
And if it was planned, the writers of The Office have proven themselves even more amazing than I previously thought.

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