Monday, December 28, 2009

30 Rock 4.08 Recap

30 Rock, Season 4, episode 8: "Secret Santa"

Jack breaks out his Boston accent... and his high school crush. Liz's hair scares me... and so does her "singing." Pete continues his long journey that will ultimately end in insanity. The writers make up a religion.

'Twas a fine 30 Rock, indeed. Role the recap!

Realer than Liz Lemon gifting someone "Cheese of the Month":
- Nipple slip+ jigsaw puzzle= acceptable gift. Only in Jenna's world... plus 2.
- Requiring execs to get Youface pages to humble-ize them during this economic frenzy. Sounds like something PR would try. Plus 1.
- Apparently all of Liz's high school boyfriends are now gay... this was going to be fake-- because really, how many boyfriends could LL have in high school?-- but if her gay ex's are also the ex's who attended clown college... plus 4.
- "Bath salts in a coffee mug" is LL's go-to gift. Probably because that's what she would want herself. Plus 3.
- The way Jack says to Cerie, "Would you get us some pens?" Brilliant. Plus 5.
- Off-topic, but I'm in love with Cerie's sweater-dress from Topshop. Plus 4.
- I googled Larry Wilcox, and... well, plus 3 and look for yourself:
- LL is disgusted when she types in You-face instead of Youface and gets some weird site... and yet she keeps looking for a good 5 seconds. Plus 3, because everyone keeps looking at gross stuff out of curiosity.
- Frank's hat says "PG-25." Plus 5.
- Plus 2 for this exchange I missed during my first two viewings:
Kenneth: A picture of President Obama for the Muslims.
Tracy: I'm going to let that one slide.
- "Oh Meatball of Verduke, you bring me such peace/pizza/meatball." Sounds legit. Plus 2.
- "New guy is as good at singing as Tracy Jordan is at everything." Plus 2 for the quote and plus 1 for Tracy also calling Danny "New Guy" (see the 3rd "faker").
- "I'm sorry, are you being sarcastic? Canadians have a hard time recognizing it because we don't have a big Jewish population." Plus 4.
- I love Danny singing. I love Danny in general. More of him, please! Plus 6.
- Plus 5 for the best explanation of why Catholics don't eat meat on Fridays ever.
- Status: Weirdsies. Plus 2.
- "Can't I just enjoy this while it lasts?" "Hey. That's what I said when that hotdog vendor passed out, but you made me get help." Plus 4 for that exchange that made me LOL and plus 2 for the subtle suggestion that Jack and Liz hang out together.
- Danny "got" sarcasm pretty quickly! Plus 1.
- Only in 30 Rock world would calling in a bomb threat to Penn station be a great Christmas present. Plus 4.
Total: 65

Faker than Danny's bad singing:
- Pete's midlife crisis involves skinny jeans. Minus 3 just for the image that puts in my head.
- Wait... Cerie is writing stuff down for Liz... what is Cerie's job, anyway? Minus 2 for never explaining it.
- "New Guy," as Pete calls him, hasn't been on TGS the past two weeks. You'd think the writers would welcome this new blood, which would allow them to do a sketch or two not devoted to Jenna playing a blonde bimbo or Tracy playing a crazy black man-- or Oprah. Minus 6.
- The whole Kenneth-is-Godzilla thing when he steps on the mini Christmas scene. Minus 4 because it was too cliché (although I did enjoy the random Asian guy).
- Am I the only one who thinks Secret Santa is kind of fun? Yes? Ok, never mind.
- When presented with Jack's high school play poster, LL ponders, "I thought you had stage fright." So did we. Hmm.... minus 4 for never explaining that.
- Not only does Tracy realize that Verdukianism isn't a real holiday on his own, but he also comes up with an idea to try and reveal its fakeness? Wait, since when did Tracy become smart? Minus 10.
- I wanted to see Tracy play Josh Groban. Minus 1.
- I really don't like Nancy. Or her accent. Minus 14.
- "Gentle flossing performed by a blonde virgin." Ew. I know it's supposed to be funny, but why would anyone want someone other than a dentist with gloves to floss their teeth? Minus 4.
- Trying to decide if Jenna's Christmas story was real or not... either way, minus 2 because it was getting a bit too pathetic/sad and not funny enough.
- I hope Nancy's sons are late into their teens; she keeps leaving them alone in NYC! Minus 2.
Total: 52

Overall, a solidly real-- and hilarious-- episode. The next new episode airs January 14th-- can't wait!

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