Monday, December 21, 2009

Ugly Betty= Glee?

I've recently noticed the similarities between Glee and Ugly Betty:
- both are perky, bright, quirky, upbeat
- both are hour-long soap opera/telenovela/dramedy mixes

Now the characters:
Kurt= Mark/Justin: Somewhat stereotypical gay guys (OK, Justin said he isn't gay... but c'mon). Love fashion, singing, and dancing.

Mercedes= Christina: This one's a bit of a stretch. Both offer advice. That's about it.

Terri= Charlie: Manipulative, clingy, "pregnant" beeyotches, succumbing to sinister standards in order to keep their man (Will/Henry) from leaving

Will= Daniel: The man in charge. Sometimes clueless, sometimes misguided, but generally has a heart of gold.

Rachel= Betty: The heroine. Plucky and confident. Don't care what other people think of them. Both are very career-driven.

Puck= Santos/Bobby: The "bad boy." All of them got a girl pregnant.

Finn= Henry/Matt: The "good guy." All stay with their accidentally-pregnant girlfriends (even though Matt's was a false alarm). Are in love with the heroine.

Sue= Wilhelmina: Scheming, generally evil, powerful women trying to bring down man in charge (Will/Daniel)

Cheerleaders= Mode girls: Mean, catty, popular, skinny.

Any other ideas?

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