Thursday, January 14, 2010

Deal of the Day!

So this week was a double-30 Rock-- yippee! Unfortunately, I'm kind of overwhelmed with schoolwork, so the recaps wont be out until this weekend. I know, I know, try to contain your tears.
To tide you over, here's my latest home decor steal, straight from one of my favorite home decor haunts, Crate and Barrel! They're having MAJOR sales right now, and not just on holiday stuff! Check out this pillow I got, for... drumroll.... $10!
Isn't is gooorgeous? It's not just stripes, it's flaps of felt. It looks so much better in person. Right now it's plopped on a hideous section of a couch that's acting as an armchair... and has a gaping hole in the cushion. So the pro/con (depending on the way you look at it) of this pillow is it makes me want a new armchair! Maybe something purple... or blue...
Anyways, grab this pillow for yourself here and check back here in a few days for not one but two 30 Rock recaps!

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