Wednesday, February 10, 2010

30 Rock 4.10 Recap

30 Rock, Season 4, Episode 10, Black Light Attack!
Tongue girth! Quidditch! Black lights! Gossip Girl! Such were the topics discussed on this odd, crazy, ridiculous Thursday half hour that is 30 Rock!

Realer than dying of old age at 41:
- I love how they're acknowledging that Danny's not really a real actor-- hence his characters, Robot Lorenzo Llamas, Robot Ryan Seacrest, and David Hassel-bot. Plus 4.
- I don't watch Seinfeld, but even I knew Lutz was wearing the Bro!
See? Plus 3.
- This is my 3rd time watching this episode, and I just now noticed that when Toofer is talking about Quidditch, Frank is drinking a... tub? of beer. This show gets better and better with each watch! Plus 2.
- "Skankovitch" just replaced "non-pillow" as my new favorite 30 Rock insult. Plus 2.
- For some reason, I love men imitating women in high voices (especially Shawn from Psych), so Jack's imitation of "the new girl" gets a plus 1.
- Another thing I totally missed the first time? Pete's "Oh, I love that show!" after Jenna mentions her audition for Gossip Girl. Oh, Pete. Plus 1.
- Jack's face as he realizes Danny's secret rendezvous it with Liz... plus 4.
- Tartine and Wainwright are two of the alleged Gossip Girl names. Just the right combination of weird and preppy! Plus 3.
- "What did he do to the back of your knees?" Plus 3.
- "I threw them in the deep end of the pool... to help with their fear of sharks."
1. What did Tracy do so as to incite a fear of sharks in not one but both of his children?
2. Does Tracy have sharks in his pool? I bet he does.
3. Plus 4.
- The callback to CHiP's Larry Wilcox (when Danny wears the uniform and wig), Liz's first crush. Perfect. Plus 5.
- Liz's happy whistling is... bad. Loud and not in tune. Which just makes it more hilarious. Plus 3.
- Don't know if that high-pitched/low-pitched youth/adult tone thing is legit, but either way, Jenna's reaction to it makes it worth the lie. Plus 1.
- "Well I had a porterhouse for two, alone, I am very angry and sleepy." Nice subtle joke in an otherwise crazy episode. Plus 1.
- "She has really thin lips but she makes up for it with tongue girth." The perfect combination of OMGLOL and Ew. Plus 5.
- Liz named her mustache Tom Selleck. Plus 4.
- Tracy thinking Liz is the "nice man" coming to take Sue is funny... but not at all funny enough to make up for the unfunny Tracy/Sue plot this week. Still, plus 1.
- Jack and Liz's fake love story line has been done before (at the ball to make Bianca jealous, in Jack's office to make Kathy Geiss jealous), but I love it every time (not because I'm a Lack shipper. Ew). Plus 6.
- Gossip Girl would SO make someone die of old age at 41. Because after that they get, like, boring, you know? Plus 4.
- P.S. Did anyone else notice that Jenna's character's deathbed is a living room couch? I could totally see a lame TV show doing that, just so they don't have to build another set for the bedroom. Plus 2.
- Oh, Tina Fey. You will embarrass yourself by dancing like a nerd and letting thousands of people watch it, and that is one of the many reasons I love you. Plus 2.
Total: 61

Faker than Jack's attraction to Liz:
- To answer your question, Toofer: Because if they didn't, it would just be a two-person game, and that's no fun. Or else there would be over a dozen people smacking into each other, trying to grab the Snitch. Duh. Minus 1.
- Ok... is it just me or does that neon yellow drink in Liz's cup look... gooey... like a smoothie mixed with highlighter ink. Ew. Minus 2.
- Is it weird that I kinda like the idea of Danny and Jenna together? Denna? Janny? Either way, it's better than Diz... or Lanny (more on that later). Minus 3.
- Danny came onto Liz?! No.... just no. Although the other way sounds almost equally weird. Minus 5.
- The "Madonna"-face Liz makes... kinda weak. Try harder at pretending to creepily cling to youth. Minus 2.
- Everything about the Lanny/Diz fling just... doesn't work. Why would Danny go after Liz? Is Liz really attracted to Danny? It just doesn't work for me at all-- even for a fling! Minus 20.
- Wait a second... a power struggle over a guy Liz is "dating" and Jack is friends with? It's Floyd all over again! Minus 3, because in most comparisons between Danny and Floyd, Floyd would win.
- "Scrumpnugget"? WTF? Not funny, just... stupid. Minus 2.
- The whole entourage= family, Tracy= father, Sue= teenage daughter thing is way overdone. Minus 14.
- Just realized that the description for this episode on Hulu says: "Danny reveals to Jack he's having secret make-out sessions with a TGS writer." I know we discover pretty early that it's LL, but if you're watching this episode for the first time, you assume it's a girl (because I don't think 30 Rock would commit to the gay thing, especially for such a main character), and the only girl writers are Liz and Sue. And if you've heard or seen anything about the episode, you know that Sue already has a plot line. So, secret's out. Minus 4.
Total: 56

So despite some major plot line no-no's, 30 Rock prevailed yet again this week, thanks to their always abundant stash of one-liners.

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