Monday, March 22, 2010

Boo Hoo Betty

(image here)

So I finally got around to watching last Wednesday's episode of Ugly Betty and wow. Someone call the Waaaaaambulance, because Betty just threw herself a pity party!
"What if taking off my braces don't change anything?" "Every time I take a step forward, someone pushes me back" and blahblahblah.
Wait a sec Betty-- do you not have a kick-ass job that millions of girls-- including me-- would die for? Do you not have a loving and supportive family? And have you not had dozens of guys falling head-over-heels for you?
Yes, you have.
And they don't even break up with you! You ditch them! Almost every time! Sure, Matt broke up with you, but then you got back together and split up with mutual agreement.
And this guy who broke your heart? How long were you dating for, like a week? I'm 17, and even I know that that's not long enough for a legit relationship. I know he was hot, but he wanted to keep seeing you. YOU were the one that broke it off.

Moral of the story? Quit b*tching, Betty. I'm not buying it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Coincidence? ...Maybe

Did this NBC Thursday night comedy line-up remind anyone else of Arrested Development? Here are the clues-

- We got a visit from Starla the Business Model (and Quincy-lover) and the un-named Blue Man Group assistant (Andy Samberg) via Parks and Recreation.
- Community gave us none other than BUSTER BLUTH! Acting just a bit Buster-y.
- On 30 Rock, Kenneth gave us this gem:
"My cousin in Atlanta is a business model. She holds up staplers for catalogs."
Remind you of anyone? Oh, I don't know, maybe Gob's "Oh, I have a business model" mess up? If only Devon had been at Geiss's funeral, then it would've been a perfect storm of Arrested Development memories!

Anyone think this was on purpose? Any other moments that reminded you of the beloved Bluths? Comment!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Conquering Photoshop: Part One

Part One of Conquering Photoshop: The Photoshop Saga
(Or, My ill-fated attempt to make myself more tech-savvy than my dad.)

Because I dream of one day becoming involved in graphic design and/or advertising, my dad, the Mac nerd, encouraged me to learn how to use Photoshop (even though my version of Photoshop is old so when possible employers ask "Are you proficient in the latest version of Photoshop?" I can say, "Well, I'm sure it's pretty much the same as the one I learned. So sure."

Let me preface this with this fact: I know how to use Photoshop. I've been collage-ing and making cheesy birthday cards on Photoshop for years. But he meant learn how to legit use it, unlike my what-does-this-do-let's-try-it-whoopsie technique. So he ordered Adobe Photoshop CS one-on-one. It's a gigantic tutorial book with a corresponding CD. It got here a few days ago, and I've been stalling.

So today, I cracked it open. Popped in the CD (which made my computer groan like I had just assigned it a 5-paragraph King Lear essay). Installed all the crap, read the intro, watched the first lesson video.

Lesson 1, step 1: Choose File-->Browse. Ok, sure. File... browse.... crap. It "unexpectedly quits." ^$#*@%. No problem, no need to get discouraged, try again. File.... browse..... holyfreakingcrap. Quits again.
Try three more times.
Try not to scream.
Send a strongly worded email to my dad, bemoaning my luck and my freakingcomputer.
Tell him to FIX IT PLZZZ.

Realize it may have to do with that pesky little notice that appears each time I open Photoshop-- y'know, the one I always ignored?-- that says "One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder, necessary for running Photoshop, are missing. Please run the Photoshop installer and re-install Photoshop."
Yea, that one. Damn it to hell. Of course it's that.

I'm finally ready, finally excited and prepared, and my computer just gives up. On lesson 1, step 1!

To be continued...

Monday, March 8, 2010


I never watch Jimmy Kimmel, but this is just hilarious. And great eye candy. Love!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Caption it!

Found this photo of Lindsay Lohan and her dog (here). That poor dog...
Possible captions:
Dog: So many things... I can't un-see...
Dog: I'm just glad she isn't driving.
Add some more below. Seriously, this picture is begging for a caption.