Monday, March 22, 2010

Boo Hoo Betty

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So I finally got around to watching last Wednesday's episode of Ugly Betty and wow. Someone call the Waaaaaambulance, because Betty just threw herself a pity party!
"What if taking off my braces don't change anything?" "Every time I take a step forward, someone pushes me back" and blahblahblah.
Wait a sec Betty-- do you not have a kick-ass job that millions of girls-- including me-- would die for? Do you not have a loving and supportive family? And have you not had dozens of guys falling head-over-heels for you?
Yes, you have.
And they don't even break up with you! You ditch them! Almost every time! Sure, Matt broke up with you, but then you got back together and split up with mutual agreement.
And this guy who broke your heart? How long were you dating for, like a week? I'm 17, and even I know that that's not long enough for a legit relationship. I know he was hot, but he wanted to keep seeing you. YOU were the one that broke it off.

Moral of the story? Quit b*tching, Betty. I'm not buying it.

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