Sunday, April 25, 2010

Am I Paranoid?

Well, yes, but I guess that's not the right question.
I've had a feeling recently that two of my beloved comics are stepping down from their reporting positions. Who, you ask?

Seth Meyers and Joel McHale.
Why, you ask?
I'm afraid that Meyers will soon be usurped by SNL writer/Girl Scout cookie commentator in last night's episode, John Mulaney. As soon as he came on screen, for some reason, I immediately thought, "Oh no, they're testing him out so he can replace Seth!"
Yes, I told you I'm paranoid.
And with McHale's recent Community fame and the addition of Web Soup-- perhaps a "testing ground" for host Chris Hardwick -- Hardwick could easily be being trained to take over.
Is anyone else worried about a sudden upheaval of comic geniuses in charged of ladling us our pop culture news? Sound off below.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Like?

Just did a teensy tiny little...
TOTAL blog update. New, lighter colors, new header, new format.
Because it's spring time, and magenta was just getting too heavy for me.
You like?

Happy Day

Why? Because I got these cuties:

For $45 shipped. (40% off sale items with code SALE40. Thanks Chloe!)

And yesterday I snagged these in the Outnet's $1 sale (I'm one of the lucky ones who just happened to be awake at 6:50 AM!)

They're not really my style, but they were all that was left in my size (yea, it was a pretty hectic way to start the morning).

And for $6 shipped? No question. I'm already thinking of how I can wear them!

What have you bought recently that's made you happy?
(images via Ann Taylor Loft and The Outnet)