Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Emmy-winning Revelation

As I sat mere minutes ago, watching the much-anticipated and much-dreaded season finale of Modern Family, I came to an idea so simple, so obvious, and so unoriginal that I can't believe I haven't espoused it yet:

Modern Family should have one the "Best Comedy" Emmy over Glee.

And before you use your keyboard to fire verbal bullets at me, keep in mind that I'm a Gleek. A huge one. I've bought both of their CDs and watch religiously and enthusiastically every week. I love Glee.

But Modern Family is just something so unique, so special, that the viewer (or at least I) feels honored just to watch it. As I watched perfectionist Claire attempt to fix that step that Phil promised many times to fix but never did, I laughed and I empathized. I groaned in embarrassment and gleeful anticipation when Phil thought that Claire saw the kiss. And I nearly DIED laughing when Phil asked Kobe Bryant, "Do you like being a basketball player?" DIED. And when they all gathered together for that group photo, splattering each other with mud as a confused photographer looked on, I felt that this is a family more real and honest than on any other sitcom-- or reality show, for that matter.

Glee is an enchanting and bewildering cocktail of theatrics and drama, singing and dancing, zaniness and emotion. But Modern Family is a subtle and nuanced blend of comedy and poignancy, wit and heart, reality and intricacy. Glee is wonderful, but Modern Family's mix of spot-on actors, intricately interwoven plots, and a touch of sweetness makes the show perfection.

Agree? Disagree? Sound off below.

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