Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to wear... Non-Jeans

How to Wear... Non-Jeans

Since I attend a prep school that forbids us from wearing jeans of any sorts, you know I can--and must-- wear the heck out of khakis. Khakis, chinos, cargos-- as long as it's not jeans, it's all good. Many times I cursed these plain Jane creations, lamenting their monotony and drabness. But as I have expanded my wardrobe beyond these staples, I've realized that these non-jeans-- in moderation and with heaps of creativity-- can be, dare I say it, fashionable! Here are some outfits I hope you'll consider when staring confusedly at your old pair of khakis:

Look #1: Khakis
Surprisingly, Khakis are in this season-- cuffed and torn, they take on a casual-chic air. Playing even more with the casual look, why not add a cropped sweatshirt straight from the fashionable side of the '80's? And if it doesn't have enough embellishments, add some with some lavishly jeweled bracelets, necklaces, and/or sandals:
Khaki pants
Light khakis- GAP, Darker khakis- Adriano Goldschmied, Cuff- Urban Outfitters, Sandals- Nordstrom, Embellished crop top- Forever 21, Cropped t-shirt- American Apparel, Necklace- Free People

Look #2: Cargo Pants
Cargo is a little more utilitarian, which is a perfect subtle trend to follow this spring. To soften the look of this macho leg wear, keep the rest of the outfit simple and light. Pieces like a draping vest and cute heels keep this outfit from getting too much like you're about to go fishing:
Cargo pants
Cargo pants- J. Crew, Tan vest- Forever 21, White vest- American Eagle, Heels- H&M, Earrings- Carolee

Look #3: Chinos
Chinos are the most sophisticated of the three, and as such, seem too "old" for college students. So I figured that skinny chinos would be easier for a young adult to tackle. Chinos are a pretty blank slate, so you can jazz them up however you'd like; for this outfit I chose some gorgeous draped tank tops from one of my favorite haunts, Anthropologie, plus some sweet and simple accessories:
Chinos (on left)- ASOS, Chinos (on right)- Banana Republic, Tank top (on left)- Anthropologie, Tank top (on right)- Anthropologie, Flats- American Eagle, Earrings- Forever 21

Things to keep in mind:
- Khakis, chinos, and cargo pants are even tamer than jeans, so let the rest of your outfit go crazy! With such plain bottoms, you can pick your boldest, most eye-grabbing top and not feel overdone.
- With these pants, above all, it's about the fit. Don't worry about brand names-- just buy the pair that looks the best on you!
- If, like me, you are "vertically challenged," the rolled-up cuffs trend gives you an excuse to buy a pair of pants and wear them un-tailored-- just cuff them up! I know I always but a pair of pants and then they sit in the bag for months because I'm too lazy to take them to a tailor! If the double-cuffed look goes out of style, then get them hemmed.
- Want to try the loose, torn, and cuffed look, but don't want to spend the money on a trend? Borrow your brother's or boyfriend's khakis and roll them up!

I hope this post gave you some inspiration to wear those boring pants sitting in the back of your dresser!
(first picture found here)

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