Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Internet.

I'm really craving a Crumbs red velvet cupcake.

Like really, really badly.

Like you promise me a cupcake and I will give you $100 and my address to drive it over to me right now-- that badly.

Ok, not that badly.

But still, really, really badly.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I've been a bit M.I.A. recently... and not the singer. I went to NYC for a few days, and today I start work. Yaaaaay.
But I promise, loyal readers, I'll be back soon with a good post. Pinky promise.
Till then, want a cute kitty picture? Of course you do! Here's my babies:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sex sex sex blog post sex

So today was an ultra-lazy day; I didn't even go outside! To detract from my slovenly feelings, I shall tell you an analogy I came up with today:

Television is like food-- in many, many ways. But the analogy of the day (or AOTD, if you will) is this:
Television programs are like food-- you watch/eat the best/yummiest when you have a wide variety of options, but when you're bored/starving and all you can find is junk, you take what you can get.

So how does this relate to my day today? Well, dear readers, all of my TV shows are over. Re-runs just aren't doing it for me right now. So, I noshed on some junk TV.

Enter The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I had given up this show (much like I gave up Gossip Girl) early last season. Those one-hour dramedies are just too much work for their small entertainment value. And while TSLOTAT (I used this abbreviation while emailing my cousin, and for some reason it irked her. But she doesn't read my blog, and I find it convenient. So take that, cousin!) probably falls under the "So Bad it's Good" category, sometimes it's "So Bad it's-- Actually, No, it's Just Really, Really Bad."

But, frankly, I had seen some clips of it on The Soup recently, and I started to kinda miss those sex-obsessed nut jobs. I missed creepily-devoted Ben, faux-bad-boy Ricky, whiny-biatch Amy, why-does-Jack-even-like-her Madison, why-does-Madison-even-like-him Jack, wow-you-look-like-Ashley-Tisdale-but-you-still-are-boring-as-hell Grace, OMG-you-make-my-mom-look-sane-you-are-so-nosy parents, and frustratingly-emotionless Amy's Sister (who is so void of emotion that I don't even remember her name, despite having watched an episode a mere 3 hours ago). I missed the conversations that went thusly:

Ben: I want to have sex with you.
Amy: I had sex, and I got pregnant. No.
Ben: Ok, fine.
Amy: Does that mean you're going to go off and have sex with other girls?
Ben: Well if you won't have sex with me, what else am I supposed to do?
Amy: You could not have sex.
Ben: Sex sex sex sex sex sex pregnant sex birth control sex sex!
Amy: Sex sex friends sex sex sex school sex sex WHINE sex sex I'M A TEENAGE MOTHER GODDAMIT sex!
Amy's Dad: Sex?
Ben: Sex, Amy's Dad. Sex sex sex love sex sex sex condoms sex sex oral sex sex sex.
John, Amy's 1-year-old son: Sex!

So I head on over to Wikipedia's episode list to get a brief synopsis of what's up in that little town where no one learns anything at school and parents act like teenagers. Apparently, a lot. I watched some of the last episodes of the last season, and the first two episodes of this new season, and now I'm caught up.

I feel like I sold out. I'm sorry, 30 Rock. I've lowered my standards so dramatically since you left me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is sad.

So the other day I just had the most brilliant idea for a blog post. Ok, maybe not brilliant, but it's my retelling so I can fudge the facts. Anyway, the post in question centers around one perfect, awesome, gorgeous item of clothing.

Only problem?

I have searched all my normal shopping sites (J.Crew, Anthro, UO, etc.,etc.) and I can't find a fittingly gorgeous piece. Crazy, right? What is it with the selection nowadays, stores? Just because it's in between clothing seasons, y'all feel like you can slack off? Nuh-uh. Style waits for NO ONE.

But my incredibly witty and fun blog post will have to wait. Until I can find that one dress, shirt, or skirt that calls to me.

So you're stuck with this post for now. Boo.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So I'm watching the 30 Rock season 3 episode "Cutbacks," and what little background gag do I see?

Let's zoom in a little, shall we?

It's the Dwight bobble-head in Kenneth's apartment! How funny is that? Makes sense too, because Kenneth is a TV nut!

Found any fun background gags in your favorite show recently?