Friday, July 23, 2010

Crush of the Moment

Liable to change by tomorrow morning, but tonight my celebrity crush is...


Robert Downey Jr.! Seriously, barring his questionable past, how can you not be in love with this man?

I dare you. Don't fall in love with him. Can't do it, can you? Of course not.

Oh, to pull a Freaky Friday with Susan Downey... that's once lucky lady. I mean, seriously, how in love do they look? (Answer: Sickeningly so)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who else thinks...

--nay, knows!-- Brad Pitt looks 1000x hotter without his beard. Without ANY beard-- well-groomed or otherwise.




Thank you, Brad, for ridding yourself of the de-sexy-ifier (the beard).

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Right Now...

(Yes, that is my thigh. I know I'm pale-- no mocking.)

My baby boy is sitting with my on my bed, playing with some lipstick. It's OK though, it's just a lipstick-shaped pen (Marc Jacobs, of course). He's a manly man at heart.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy Noms: My Take

(image via here)

It's like my birthday! Why, you ask? No, it isn't my birthday.... but the Emmy nominations were just announced! I'm not crazy enough to wake up at 8:30 just to watch Joel McHale and Sofia Vergara announce them live, but it was the first thing I did when I got up.

And how did things pan out for my favorite shows? Not too badly! Here are some of my personal highlights and lowlights:

YAY: 30 Rock and Modern Family got the Best Comedy nod!
BOO: So did The Office, Glee, Nurse Jackie, and Curb. I guess I can't complain about Curb because I've heard it's very funny, but seriously, Emmy people? Parks and Recreations was deemed by many a critic to be the best of the NBC Thursday line-up this year. And while I disagree in favor of 30 Rock, P&R > The Office this year. And what about Community? Sure, it wasn't stellar this season, but it was better than Glee, which is a clever and innovative show, but not nearly as funny as it needs to be to get a Comedy nod.

YAY: Alec Baldwin was nominated!
BOO: No Joel McHale? No Community love AT ALL? Especially when you evil Emmy producers had him announce the nominees next to Sofia, who was nominated herself and had her show nominated! It was incredibly awkward near the end of the announcements where the big producer guy told Sofia she got a nom and then turned to Joel and was like "I'm sorry you didn't get nominated, but you've very talented blahblahblah." Joel, if you need a hug, I'm here for you.

YAY: Chris Colfer, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, and Jesse Tyler Fergueson got Supporting Actor nominations! Gotta love all the Modern Fam love!
BOO: No Nick Offerman for the stellar Ron Swanson? Or Aziz Ansari for the lovable doofus Tom Haverford? Or, speaking of lovable doofuses, Chris Pratt for Andy? Danny Pudi for the best character ever, Abed? Danny Glover for the consistently funny Troy? Jack McBrayer for Kenneth the page? Ah, screw it-- there were too many potential nominees this year.

YAY: I can't complain about the Supporting Actress choices-- especially Jane Lynch, Jane Krakowski, Kristin Wiig, Julie Bowen, and Sofia Vergara.
BOO: Wait, yes I can-- no Aubrey Plaza for the dead-pan yet poignant performance as April this year? WTF?

YAY: Can I get a "Hell yea" for the Guest Actor noms? Burt Hummel, Bryan Ryan, Drew Baird, Frank Dunphy and (especially) Devin Banks? HELL YEA!
BOO: I don't care about that Nurse Jackie guy... I would gladly replace him with John Oliver AKA Professor Duncan. Ah well, you can't win 'em all. EDIT: Wait. Just realized something. No Michael Sheen as Wesley Snipes?!?! What the what? He was better than Jon Hamm/Drew Baird! Wow, that's really upsetting.

YAY: Guest actress noms-- yay for Elaine Stritch, Tina Fey, Betty White, and Kristen Chenoweth!
BOO: No Elizabeth Banks for Avery Jessup? I guess I can't really complain about Julianne Moore-- that Boston accent murdered her chances.

YAY: Did you know Psych got nominated?!?! I know, I can't believe it! Granted, it was for Oustanding Music Compositon for a Series.... but hey, baby steps!

So there's my take on the nominees this year. Overall, a solid list with some glaring oversights (P&R and Community). Leave your opinions below!