Thursday, October 28, 2010

HALP for Halloween

I need halp. I need inspiration.
Anyone else having this problem?
I want to be creative with the clothes and stuff I already have, but you can only get so creative with jeans and sweaters...
So I've thought of some options that may not be right for me, but maybe they'll inspire you, my lovely readers! And then, you can take your inspiration and use it to come up with a fabulous idea for me! See how this works? I iz so smart.

Options I've thought of:

1. Hermione: Grey cardi/sweater+White button up+Pleated mini skirt+ Grey knee-high socks+black ballet flats+two pencils taped together for a wand+Hogwarts crest printed out and taped/pinned to cardi+ Frizzy hair (one of the only downsides of this outfit-- maybe I could get away with movie-Hermione hair, AKA not as frizzy)
Why not? Too dorky for college? I just know I'll look out of place next to a bunch of girls dressed as strippers (OK, maybe they're not dressed as them, but they look like them!)

2. '20s Girl: '20s style dress (which I just happen to have, $5, never worn, from F21)+Pearls+Red lipstick+Black tights+Black heels+up do
Why not? I WILL FREEZE TO DEATH BECAUSE IT IS A SPAGHETTI STRAP DRESS. I have the perfect jacket to go with it, but it's at home and 5 sizes too big...

3. Black Cat (Cat Woman?): Black leggings (or Black tights+black shorts)+Black shirt+Kitty ears
Why not? YAWN.

4. Blair Waldorf, Season 1: White button up+Navy skirt+navy knee-highs+ballet flats+Headband
Why not? Not sure if people would get it, especially since it's from season one (the Constance uniform)

(pics from here, here, here, and here)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Did you know...

(you probably didn't, because it's useless, but I'll tell you anyway)..
... that SNL's intro announces the cast in alphabetical order?

Yep. By last name. Just realized it.

So there's your new bit of knowledge for today. You can stop looking for something new to learn now. Your quota has been filled. Your welcome.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another background tidbit

So I'm watching the west coast version of the 30 Rock live episode... they are nailing it! But I noticed this background tidbit I had to share with you guys, mostly because I don't know why it's there...
In this scene, when Jack is sniffing paint:

See something on a paint can near the center of the screen? Let's zoom in...

Why is "Glee" written on a paint can? Any theories? It's not like its Glee's paint, because they're on different networks. At first I thought it was a jab at Glee because the label underneath said "Gross paints," but it definitely says "Gloss."
Any theories?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just FYI

Ah, the powers of hulu. While I was watching this week's Community for the second time (yes, it was that good), I decided to freeze frame on Alan's email:

A little closer, shall we?

Jeff's middle name is Tobias. So there's a random little tidbit of knowledge for you. You learn something new (and useless) every day!

(I apologize for the crappy pictures. They're screencaps from hulu, and I couldn't get that stupid play button to go away)