Monday, November 29, 2010

Caption this!

So this screencap of Will watching the Warblers' performance at Regionals (or is it Sectionals? I DON'T REMEMBER, so sue me. Don't Sue me though. EDIT: Just checked. It's Sectionals. I'll hand over my Gleek badge now.) is incredibly amusing to me for whatever reason. And it's just dying for a caption. Have a look and give it a go:

Why does Will look so transfixed/disturbed/possessed? Any ideas? Tell me!
(screencap from this SPOILERY video of tomorrow's episode)

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  1. lol. That stuck out to me as well while watching tonight. My first thought was he looks kinda physco, then I he looks mad (but I used other words, I just don't wanna cuss on your blog) lol :)


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