Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear self,
Oh, sweetie. When will you ever learn? We've been through this already. Twice.
You're a smart girl, but you have to stop deluding yourself into thinking you can wear three-inch heels outside, having only worn them around the store and your room before.
I know, the boots are gorgeous and you want to show them off. But when you waddle around like a constipated penguin because you're so wobbly than you have to take super tiny steps, people will be looking at you, not the shoes. And you will not look good.
I know you need to wear them out to wear them in-- I get it. But take it slow, hun. Don't prance out in public with your three-inch heels just yet. You look like a drunk Bambi on stilts. It's not a pretty sight.
But you will get there, I promise. One day, you will strut around NYC in your 4-inch stilettos-- I promise.
But right now? Stick to flats.


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