Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Psych season 5 finale review


Am I the only one who thought Psych's season finale was disappointing? I went into it with high hopes, because the other two parts of the Yin-Yang trilogy were very creepy/awesome, and yet this one just fell very flat for me. Here's my thoughts on the episode:

- I was totally unimpressed by the reveal of Shawn's previous tie to Yang. Why wouldn't Shawn, the man with the infallible memory, not remember an especially odd encounter like his with Yang? And what was the deal about that shirt he wore? Was there a reason Henry didn't remember it? They made that out to be such a big deal, but in the end, he just forgot about that shirt? Surely Shawn didn't wear it only once.
- I'll admit, when Yang mentioned her and Shawn's "romantic history," I totally thought she raped him or something, and he didn't remember because it was traumatizing and he tried to forget. Please tell me someone else thought this and I'm not totally insane. I guess rape is too much for a comedy, though, especially when Shawn would be strapped with that emotional baggage for the rest of the series' run.
- Granted, she's the daughter of a serial killer, so she's allowed to be completely nutso, but was it ever explained why the heck Yang developed this weird obsession with Shawn and his family?
- The whole Yin/Yang father/daughter reveal was a little blah for me. I already thought they were married or something, so when she said "daddy," I was just like "Oh. That makes more sense I guess." But, if the reveal was done right, I should've been like "OMGWTF?!? AHH MY BRAIN JUST DIED!"
- There was no real sense of danger. They weren't going to kill Gus, so when Yin is ready to needle him, I thought he would inject it and it would turn out to be a placebo or something. I'm kind of sad this wasn't the case because it would've been kind of hilarious to see Gus in a situation where he should be dying but isn't. I can just imagine the subsequent banter...
- There were so few clues! The one in Shawn's bedroom, the bag of videos in the field, and the letter in the mailbox, which wasn't really a clue at all. I loved seeing Shawn solve those weird clues in the first part of the trilogy.
- I did like how Henry slipped up when describing Shawn's psychicness in front of everyone-- called it his "abilities" and then switched to "sense" or something, if I remember correctly. It was bound to happen some time.
- I LOVED seeing Mary (that was his name, right?) again! He wore a unitard. He was hilarious. I miss him. It made me miss the previous trilogy episodes.
- Shawn's mom (What's her name?? Aahhh I forget) was totally useless in this episode. All she did was reveal that she took a picture of Shawn and Yang, but other than that, why was she there? I would almost rather a neighbor had taken the photo, because it is kind of weird that she took the photo of them together but did not even vaguely remember her face or voice-- doesn't she have like perfect auditory memory or something? Wasn't that established? I'm sure she heard Yang when Yang captured her-- why didn't she remember then?
- I kind of wish Yin was someone we had met before, or at least someone closer emotionally to Shawn. Introducing a new character as the big bad villain of the entire trilogy just didn't give it any emotional gravity. It was just another crazy bad guy. He should've had some relation to someone other than Yang.
- I LOVE YANG. There, I said it. She's kind of hilarious and oddly sweet. And crazy, of course. I want more of her. I want her to start working with Shawn and Gus. They need a girl to make a round, classic protagonist/BFF/girl trio. But this time, the girl would not be a romantic interest for the BFF (see: Harry Potter) or the protagonist (see: Lizzie MacGuire with a gender reversal)

What did you think of the finale? Care to agree with me or present a counter-argument?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Holiday Treat

Blogger's block... I haz it. To apologize for my lack of posts, enjoy some Schweddy Balls:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After watching The Royal Tenenbaums for the first time, I noticed something...

Chas Tenenbaum and Sue Sylvester are soulmates... well, at least their tracksuits are. And do formal occasions get in the way of their tracksuit wearing? OF COURSE NOT.

Here's Chas, modeling the funereal black tracksuit:

And Sue, donning the tracksuit wedding dress-- perfect for marrying yourself!

To sum up...
Awesome people wear tracksuits. All. the. time.

(pictures here, here, here, and here)