Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Band of Outsiders Model: James Marsden

WARNING: This post you are about to read contains over a dozen pictures of hottie James Marsden in silly situations wearing gorgeous clothing. Your computer's fan may have to work overtime to prevent overheating from the hotness of these images. You have been warned.

I never thought it was possible to love a men's clothing blog so much. But Band of Outsiders outfits many wonderful men in awesomely creative photo shoots. The shoots just look so... realistic! If you ever wondered what a celebrity like James Marsden, Andrew Garfield, or Donald Glover does in their spare time, now you know. Let's go through some of the highlights, shall we?

First up, the gorgeous and talented James Marsden.

James likes to start his day by playing with action figures-- no, wait, Pez dispensers-- in his underwear.
The Pez people have forgiven each other, and James is officiating their wedding.
Then it's time to fetch the paper! James lives in a building called "The Gaylord" (on the ground in barely discernible letters).
James then puts on his "I'm a serious actor" glasses and reads the newspaper in a foreign language. James doesn't speak the language, but he enjoys the pictures.
James works on his new business idea; he'll be a paparazzo... of himself! Such a simple money-maker for actors, James doesn't understand why other famous people let the paparazzi earn pictures they could take themselves!
Looking for some inspiration, James takes a trip to the roof. He keeps looking over his shoulder, however, as the security guard has been catching onto his habit.
Now it's the daily pool skimmer fight with the security guy at the pool! If he wins, he gets to swim. If his ninja-like jumping skills don't pay off and he loses, well then...
... then it's time to drink the sorrow away! If the drinking doesn't help his anger at being denied a swim, James will smash some old, valuable records. Because he's a movie star and he can.

To come later: A Day in the Life of Band of Outsiders models Andrew Garfield, Donald Glover, Dave Franco, and Leslie Mann.

(all photos courtesy of Band of Outsider's blog-- check them out! They have pictures of hot guys wearing nice clothing. What else could you ask for?)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Madeline Weinrib

What do you guys think of my new header? I'm finally satisfied, after a few failed attempts. I think I'll be keeping this one for a while. To celebrate, let's talk about some pretty things!

Madeline Weinrib is amazing. Her rugs, her pillows, her fabric-- everything. Especially her rugs. Right next to my goal of learning how to walk in heels is my goal of owning a gorgeous Madeline Weinrib rug. Both, I predict, will be difficult to complete, as the former requires a sense of balance I don't have, and the latter, a lot of money, which I also don't have. But for now I can visit her website and imagine walking around in 4-inch heels on her divine rugs in my New York loft/Greenwich mansion/LA beach house. Hey, a woman can dream!

This will go in the ultra-swanky living room, paired with rich jewel-tones like emerald and magenta.

This will go in my living room when we revamp it for summer (yes, we will redecorate for every season).

This will go in my sun room, surrounded by... sun. I don't know, I just love this rug.

This will go in my daughter's room, which will be pink but sophisticated, with clean lines and bright patterns. And a bed with a canopy, because I always wanted one of those.

This is probably my absolute favorite. It will go in my walk-in closet, which will be girlie and spacious with lots of white and glass and sunlight.

What pieces are you lusting after? Where will you put them in your future home? (Note: The more grandiose the plans, the better. Go ahead, give yourself a pet tiger.)

(all pics from Madeline Weinrib's website)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Letter to Campbell's Soup

Dear person who does the advertising for Campbell's soup company,

If you wouldn't mind answering this (not that you get so much mail you won't have time for this-- you're not a celebrity, hate to break it to ya), I'd love to know what possessed you to put out not one, not two, but THREE full-page advertisements in the February 7, 2011 issue of People magazine. Yes, I know, one was for "Healthy Request" soup (which is a lame name, by the way, but I suppose you aren't in charge of that), the other was for "Select Harvest Light," and the last for "Spaghetti-O's." Obviously you are trying to reach the broke-couple, fat-single-lady, and mom-with-no-time-to-feed-her-children-uncanned-food demographics all in one magazine. Kudos for the ambition. But to me, a college student who falls under non of those categories, it just seems like you're trying to hard. It's pathetic. Get your act together.
By tripling the ad space, you do not triple my desire to buy your soup (or Spaghetti-O's, which would be canned pasta I suppose? How the heck do you categorize Spaghetti-O's (other than under "nostalgic" and "yummy"?) And if you were to be required to use three ad pages, maybe make the first two remotely different. What the heck is the difference between "Healthy Request" and "Select Harvest Light"? Apparently, Healthy Request is low cholesterol, has 0 grams of fat, a healthy level of sodium, and 25 varieties, while Select Harvest Light has 80 calories or less, is 100% natural and deliciously satisfying. And it looks disgusting. In an ADVERTISEMENT. Which is not a good sign that it'll look appetizing in real life.
Why do you have two different health-conscious brands? It's confusing. It's bad advertising.
In conclusion, Campell's Soup Co., you may want to go a different direction with your advertising techniques (I'm available for consultation. But no, I will not be paid in soup). But, most of all, thank you for allowing me the chance to rant on the internet instead of starting my paper. Thank you.
Your critic,
A Random Nobody