Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Congrats and a Pet Peeve

Just wanted to wish a big ol' congratulations to John and Sherry of Young House Love, my favorite home decor blog, on their soon-to-be baby! You guys are going to be awesome parents and the baby is going to be adorable (and a home decor genius!)! Plus the nursery is going to be AH. MAZING.

And, as most things tend to do, this caused my mind to wander. And I realized one of my pet peeves (which Jon and Sherry have not used, btw). The phrase "We're pregnant" is just weird to me. I know it's meant to include the father in the festivities, but couldn't you just say "We're having a baby" or "We're going to be parents"? I don't mind if the woman says "I'm pregnant" or the man says "She's pregnant." It's just the whole "we" thing that makes me thing of Thomas Beatie and sea horses...

Anyone else feel the same way?

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