Saturday, November 20, 2010

Deathly Hallows WOW

So I, like the rest of the world, went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. And I just have to do a huge thought dump on you, because I just need to write them down. Enjoy:

- I wish the Dursley's got a better goodbye. Frankly, they could've taken away that pointless scene of Ron standing outside the burrow and added some kind of book-like goodbye.
- Bellatrix is kind of freaking awesome. She's just totally insane and it rocks.
- The 7 Potters scene was awesome, though the introductions were kind of awkward. "Hi, I'm Bill. I'm a Weasley, but you should be able to tell that because I have red hair. See these scars on my face? Greyback did that. Who's Greyback? Ah, never mind."
- And WTF Moody? Cutting Tonks off mid-announcement? I don't know how they're going to finagle this because **SPOILER FOR PART 2** they've cast a 19-years-later Teddy, so we know he has to exist. But basically the scene where the next movie should open is the scene when Lupin announces his birth. I can see it now...
(Knock on door)
BILL: Oh gosh, who could it be?
(Opens door, LUPIN comes in)
LUPIN: Tonks had the baby!!
HARRY: Tonks was pregnant?
LUPIN: Oh yea, did I forget to tell you guys? We were going to tell you at Privet drive, but Moody interrupted us.
HERMIONE: What about at the Burrow?
LUPIN: Well, Moody was dead, so that didn't quite seem the right time. Then the wedding, and we didn't want to steal Bill and Fleur's thunder.
BILL: Oh, I guess that makes sense.
LUPIN: Yep. Well, it's a boy. We've named him Ted, after Dora's father.
HARRY: Never met him.
LUPIN: You didn't? You were supposed to go there after Privet drive but... change of plans, I guess. He was killed.
FLEUR: Oh. sorry.
LUPIN: It's okay. Hey Harry, wanna be godfather?
HARRY: Uh, sure, I guess. Just don't die, okay? (laughs)
LUPIN: Haha, I'll try not to!
AND SCENE *bows*
- The wedding scene was so short! I could've used waaay more of it.
- And is it just me or does Lupin have a habit of grabbing Harry or yelling at him to stop? Think about it... Order of the Phoenix, after Sirius dies (no yelling this time); Half Blood Prince, at the Burrow (Pretty sure he says "Harry, don't!"); and now after 7 Potters with the grindylow question, and also at the wedding. Lupin, no need to worry about the boy that LIVED. Better off worrying about yourself, because, well...
- True story: I teared up at Hedwig and Dobby's deaths, while when reading them I didn't. Especially Hedwig's-- I knew what was coming but OMG NO it was so sad.
- I'm interested to see some deleted scenes from this movie. I saw a behind the scenes clip of when they are in the Burrow surrounding George and Harry talks about trusting everyone in the room or something, but it wasn't in the movie.
- Every time Harry let the snitch out and then grabbed it to put away (happened maybe 3 or 4 times), some dude yelled out "GRYFFINDOR WINS!" The only significant heckle in the movie, which surprised me, seeing as I saw it at midnight with a bunch of drunk college students.
- The audience cheered when Dobby came on screen. I didn't know he was popular-- probably just in preparation for what's to come.
- The ministry scene was my favorite, by far. Ron getting into his role as Cattermole ("this'll be something to tell the kids!") and Harry's counterpart just being so... awkward, in a hilarious way.
- Oh, Harry. Hermione mentions that they should've polyjuiced themselves for Godric's Hollow and Harry's all "No. This is where I was born." Oh Harry, you're so logical. I forgot that when you visit your birthplace, you're automatically protected from harm and recognition. HARRY U SO STUPID.
- I hate the Bathilda scene in the books, and same with the movie. Not because it was poorly done, but because it's so friggin CREEPY and scary! There were a lot of nervous/anticipatory groans as Bathilda came on screen. I just kept watching through my fingers, waiting for her to turn into Nagini, and thankfully when she did, it wasn't as gruesome as the books. But WHY oh WHY did Hermione and Harry wait for a good 3 seconds in complete silence and stillness before Nagini attacked them a second time (and gave me a heart attack). It was like "I dunno, let's wait to apparate till we see the snake again. I wanna say goodbye." WTF?
- The audience (including me) laughed when Ron was explaining how the deluminator brought him back... this scene isn't supposed to be funny!
- Emma Waston rocked the torture scene.
- Why the heck were Hermione and Ron just standing there watching while Dobby died in Harry's arms? Harry was totally like "WTF you guys, get some dittany or something, we're WIZARDS for christ's sake!"
- Speaking of Dobby, I couldn't hear what he said as he was dying (probably too many people wailing preemptively), but I don't think I liked it. Wish they would've stuck with him just saying "Harry... Potter..." and dying.
- Again speaking of Dobby, where was his gravestone?? I really think they should have shown "Here lies Dobby, a free elf." It was so poignant in the books.
- I totally wanted someone to shout "KISS!" as Voldy faced Dumbledore. That's the one time in the movie I wish there was an annoying heckler!
- It was only after seeing the movie that I realized that 90% of the dialogue in the movie does not come from the books. And you know what? I don't really mind. I mean, it's weird to think about, but the point is if I didn't even notice that when I was watching the movie, then that's a good sign.

Overall, awesome movie, loved it (couldn't you tell?) and I can't wait for July!
What did you guys think of the movie? Likes? Dislikes? WTFs? Tell me!

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